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need ski equipment advice please

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hi everybody. i live in argentina and i'm 20 years old. My parents are travelling to italy next month so they offered to buy me a pair of skis (in argentina skis are much more expensive).
anyway, i was hoping you could help find the right ones because i have no idea in ski purchasing. this would be my first pair of skis.
i'm an intermediate-advanced all-moountain skier. I was looking for something not too expensive and that i can hang on to for a couple of years. i mean, i do not wan't some learning skis, but some advanced skis for eventually i will become advanced. so, if you could please recommend me some skis for 400-600 dollars (including bindings) it would be great.
thank you very much!
P.D: im 1,82meters (6 feet) tall and weight 80 kilograms (~175lbs)
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i would probably go with a 06 rossi z5 170cm, or if you want to quicker turns you could go shorter. im not sure if they are gonna change it for 07, but you could get 07's to, not much willl change if anything
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great! thank you very much! i'll take it into account.. anyway, i need more recommendations because maybe they do not have those..
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One of the members here includes in his signature line that "all-mountain skis" are equally bad at everything. I don't necessarily agree, but when you say you hope to become advanced, are you thinking about off-piste skiing or piste skiing? Do you get out on many powder days? And what have you been skiing on? Have you demoed anything?
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i like to do both. i don't mean to become a pro. i looking forward to perfectioning my technic.
i haven't demoed anything because in argentina there are not many of these kind of offerings.
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I'm sure there are other people on this forum who will have some better comments on this than I...

Most ski companies have an alpine and a freeski range now. Aside from the topsheet graphics and marketing, the difference seems to be that skis in the freeski range have a little less sidecut and frequently a more pronounced taper from tip to tail. They won't transition as well if you're carving turns on groomers, but they're more stable and tend to float a little better in soft snow. They're also easier to skid, which may not be pretty but can be very useful in dealing with off-piste situations where you want a tighter radius turn than your ski's sidecut will give you, or you're not going fast enough to bend the ski enough to get as tight a turn as you want. All of which is to say that they're designed to be more fun off-piste, but it'll be harder to get as clean a line out of them on the groomers.

All that being said, I haven't had the opportunity to demo a carving ski or more piste oriented all-mountain ski. So if anyone can compare some models head-to-head, that'd be awesome...
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Assuming that you have good fitting boots, it sounds like you need a ski that will work for a wide range of abilities. One that will satisfy the needs of an advancing skier while at the same time serving as a learning tool.

If you can get the skis mounted in Argentina, then I suggest Dynastar Legend 4800 skis and Look PX 12 bindings. These skis will work for a wide variety of skier abilities and in a wide variety of conditions. They're very forgiving and a great learning and all around ski. Length should be either 172 or 178, probably 178 considering that you're 6' tall.

These skis and binding could be purchased in the US for around $450 or less at end of season prices. Purchasing off of ebay with shipment to Argentina may be an option worth exploring.
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