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cherchez les avocates

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hey now, it seems we legally trained folks are getting a bit more numerous in here. I suggest folks consider the possibility that even though we don't deal in the moving of electrons and 0s/1s, and don't write program code (even though I've written statutory code), we are no less geeky than Mark's bunch of microserfs. heh heh.

at times I am pleased with my legal geekiness -- typically when it lets me cut through the bull pucky and see the real issue under debate. but I think I'd be a geek anyway, even without the law degree. like the rest of this culture of victimhood and its expanding "special classes" deserving special treatment, I was born that way.

help me to understand the non-geeks in the world.

bwaaaaahh hah hah hah hah
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Former free-lance paralegal (until I discovered more money in being a geek), and experienced jailhouse lawyer here.

I have argued (pro se of course) at both the trial and appellate level and I generally win.

I have personally made two parts of the NYS V&T code essentially so useless that the legislature will have to fix it.

I have actually beaten a charge of driving under suspension (in ohio), by proving that the DMV made a clerical error, and you all know that NEVER happens.

I have a lot of other really cool victories but frankly, I'm better off not posting them publicly because some folks around here have delicate sensibilities. :

I had planned on going to law school but I decided that I would be better off doing that as a second career in 20 or 30 years, when I can live off my retirement money, hang out a shingle in a small town somewhere and pick & choose which cases interest me without the worry of needing to "make a living"
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nakona, you know how to dream! Most of us law geeks actually do earn our bread and butter from the profession. I'll admit that some of my greatest victories, though, were pro se - which, to the uninitiated, means "for self", you are representing yourself. Although Dickens told us that a lawyer who represents himself in court has a fool for a client, the fact remains that Dickens never saw me beat a rap for speeding [YES!] That's right, after thirty-five years of law practice, the sweet ones are the up close and personal! However, that's sort of a "busman's hoiday" - not the real thing. Although many [if not most] may find the majority of my real paying work boring, it has been anything but for me - except for the days when I still searched titles - now, THAT was a fate worse than death. But in those thirty-five plus years, I have sued ski areas only three times [all successfully], and have turned away many, many more ski area cases - just for the record. Since one of the substantial commercial customers of my most prominent client is a ski area, I try to stay away from that stuff these days.

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nakona, now I understand why I was one of the "select few" who understood your rationale in the more recent thread on mtns closed to snowboarders. Congratulations on the pro se victory.

Oboe, congratulations to you too.

Is either one of you going to be at the 2d Bears Gathering in Fernie?
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nah, I'm on the east coast, and I won't fly on civilian aircraft.

Don't trust their maintenance programs.
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If I get busted can I call you guys?

As fellow-member of this forum you'd give me a discount right?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by gonzostrike:

at times I am pleased with my legal geekiness -- typically when it lets me cut through the bull pucky and see the real issue under debate.

When have you ever done that? Geek.
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DANG, irul...

how about a little sympathy now and then?

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Hmmmm...Sympathy for the Devil?
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irul, I do ride a road bike occasionally, but I don't even come close to resembling Claudio Chiappucci -- not in looks, not in height/weight, not in bicycle.

oh... you meant The Tempter?

never mind.
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