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Stockli Rotor

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I'm considering the Stockli Rotor 169cm. I'm looking for something wider than my Laser Cross 167cm with a similar feel.
Does anyone have any experience with these two skis? As for Stockli experience, I'm 5'8" 165 lbs and the Laser Cross works great for me. The Laser Cross Pro 169cm is too much ski for me as I fight it al the way down the mountain. The Stormrider XL 164cm is more manageable but still too stiff. The Stormrider AT is easier to handle but the turn radius is more than I would like. I'm curious how the Rotor compares. I've also considered the Snake T but it is not built by Stockli.
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I demoed both of these this ski season and recently bought the Rotors on an end of season sale. Very versatile ski,definately not as stiff or as much work as the Laser Cross. It is stockli's response to skis like Elan Magfire 10's, Atomc Metrons, Rossi Z9's etc.
I was planning on writing a review of my demo day on the Laser Cross but haven't had the time recently. I agree with you, it is alot of ski. Fast, powerful, but a ski that wears you out by the end of the day. I can only imagine what the Laser Cross Pro must be like.
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For what it's worth , the stockli Laser Cross Pro is not that difficult to ski . I would say easier than the XL offroad . I have heard nothing but great things about the Rotor .
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Rotor 169 sounds perfect length. Very quick, versatile good carving fun ski. Definitely easier than Laser Cross or XL. It has taken the place of the AT as our best selling Stockli.

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I want to see what folks think of the brand new GS ski from stockli . I tired to demo it but the season is pretty much over now . At 112/66/94 it should rip . And it has a tighter turning radius than the cross Pro . I find it amazing how much effect the bevels has on stocklis . The new cross Pro is heading in the right direction but I sure wish they would make a ski that's as fun as the old SC - that ski would kill anyone from grins alone . The new GS ski looks like it could be pretty close .
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