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Lucky Friday the 13th?

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It's looking like we're gonna get hit with a nice, cold snowstorm at W/B on Friday with over a foot of storm snow possible. Who says good things don't come on Friday the 13th? Let's see if it all comes true...
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Woohoo! I'll be there Saturday evening.
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Originally Posted by SKI-3PO View Post
Woohoo! I'll be there Saturday evening.
Perfect timing! Me and my girlfriend will be at the Led Zeppelin tribute show on Saturday evening, then Sunday's my end-of-season staff heliskiing day. Should be one of the better days of the year if the forecast comes true! Enjoy your trip out here and PM me if you want any "insider info".
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A foot would be much appreciated, snow conditions today (and yesterday, and the day before) were less than stellar. I am surprised at how cold it's been, not until late afternoon does the mountain "soften up".

Having said the above, Wednesday the sun was out and from 2PM till closing mid to upper mountian was delightfully soft.
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Give the man a cigar!

Mixed rain and snow in the village started around 6AM, I heard the avalanche guns around 8 this morning. I suspect today (or at lest this morning) will be more "dust on crust", but tomorrow could be excellent!
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Dust on crust this morning, but pow by afternoon. Laps off Harmony all afternoon, visability was poor at the top. Pow everywhere & no-one to be found. Peak & Symphony were closed all day. It was snowing heavily top to bottom when I skied down at the end of the day. It was snowing like that all day long!! Will be epic tomorrow
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On the new K2's?
Originally Posted by SKI-3PO View Post
Woohoo! I'll be there Saturday evening.
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22cm of sweetness overnight on top of the 12cm yesterday. Peak & Symphony opened & the sun even came out! Somewhat of a rarity this season to see blue sky. A lot more crowded today with the Telus Ski & Snowboard festival happening. Lots of fresh untracked to satisfy everyone. Still managed to log 27,000 vertical feet despite the crowds.

All the manufacturers had their next year's gear for on mtn demos today. Wanted to try some of the new boards, but it was impossible to entice me to take a break on a powder day. Maybe tomorrow
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Hey Wiz, try Blackcomb instead. This season Whistler has been consistently twice as busy on weekends due to the easier parking situation at Creekside.
I'll be thinking of you while I'm heliskiing in the North Joffre/Place Glacier today. Okay, maybe I won't ;-)
How 'bout those bluebird skies today, eh? -10 at Horstman Hut this morning!!
I'll try to get some video clips set up in the next couple of days.
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I don't know what it is, but I just seem to prefer whistler to blackcomb. Maybe it's that I know whistler better. Heli? Lucky dog!

Another thigh burner day today... 31,000 vert ft and I wasn't even trying. No new since yesterday. The main popular areas were all tracked out, but the stashes still delivered the goods =D Definitely an amazing 3days for mid April!!!

Finally got to the demo tents today, but only got to try 1 ski. Damn! Nobody seems to carry the shorter lengths for demos.
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These videos from today should be up and running shortly...
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Just got back from a few days in Mammoth. Friday the 13th was bluebird and the groomers were very fast and fun. Saturday started out nice but got pretty nasty by the end of the day. The good news was it was dumping when I left so I bet Sunday was good as well. Oh the traffic in LA - glad I dont live there anymore!
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