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Park Skis... big questions.

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Alright.... I recently moved from out west in Vancouver to attend university in Ontario. Now, that's a SERIOUS shift in terrain! As such, I want to start getting better at park/pipe skiing (there are a lot of good spots out here pretty close to where I'm living). I have a set of Dynastar Legend 8000s which are absolutely a dream for the west coast (I don't enjoy skiing the fatter models), but i'm looking at park/pipe specific models with a lot of pop, reasonably light weight and good durability/stability. I was looking at Dynastar's freestyle line (why not go with a brand you like already?) and also at the Volkl Dogen.

I have talked to people about the Nothing But Trouble and Troublemaker, and the consensus is that the NBT is sort of the "budget version", not as durably constructed. Frankly, i don't want to pay a staggering amount of money for these skis... but nor do I want them to get beaten to hell after a short while. For a guy who's just getting started with park skiing but wants it to last, what would be the recommendation? And also, how would you compare the Dogen to the NBT/Troublemaker?
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i have a pair of '05/'06 Armada AR5's in a 176cm length.
drilled once for 305mm boot soles & Solly S912s.

i'm trying to unload 'em if you're interested in a cheap dedicated park ski.

not sure how they stack up to the Volkl and Dynastar lines, but Armada really only makes park skis...

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Personally i didn't like the NBT. It was too soft for a park ski and I wasn't confident that the tails wouldn't fold on the bigger hits. The TM is a really nice ski and with the edge reinforcement finally become somewhat durable. Since its going to be your first park ski I wouldn't go super expensive as they will get beat. Look around for a used pair or try to get a new pair of last years model it will do the job and save you some money.

I don't know anything about the Dogen's but the karma is a sweet ski. Big enough for the EC dumps, able to rip groomers and pretty good in the park. The only thing I can really think of that you would want to stay away from is the line invaders and marker bindings. That is, unless you like trying to land on one ski.
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The Dogen sucks. I'm not usually one to totally dog a ski, and usually even skis that I dislike have a few redeeming factors, but this one doesn't. I couldn't wait to get it off my feet.

You can find 04-05 Troublemakers (green color changing graphic) for fairly cheap both online and in brick and mortar stores. 07-08 will be the 4th season without it undergoing any changes. Has a slimmer waist than most other twins at 78mm and is known to be fairly durable- my Big Troubles have the same construction and they don't have so much as a scratch after a dozen days this year.
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"The Dogen sucks"

Seconded. Very prone to breaking. Top sheets chip immediately at least.

The base material is crappy, doesn't glide well on wet snow now matter how you wax. The material must be very poor / cheap (and I've also heard that there were some obvious quality issues with the bases i.e. some pairs with really bad base = my pair?)

No pop, very "lazy feeling". You get used to it but pop is something that IMHO is very good for a pipe/park ski.

Otherwise it's ok, light, enough sidecut for everyday small hill use, wood core, decent edge hold / carving ability for a park ski...

This is for 05/06 model, I don't know if they got better this year. Anyhow seems like there was lots of quality variation in the 05/06 models, some pairs might be fine, some broke almost immediately.

I changed to Salomon 1080 C.R Labs...found a great deal for those. Season over here, so they're going to be next years park sticks. But should be ones with ton more pop at least!
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