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and i'll be there in 2 days ! couldn't even find the storm yesterday, but it's showing up big time today and right over lake tahoe too ! weather link:

you call him Ullr or GOD, but i must be doing something right as it looks like
at least a foot is going to drop on lake tahoe my last skiing weekend ! yeah, buddy !

and if you want to watch it too, i submit these:

nearly live, slight delay; but you control the camera on top of Riva's grill in south lake (which i highly recommend at sunset anytime):

and completely live, but fixed view of US50 at ski run(heavenly california entrance):

from my original post about 10 minutes ago, it's gone from light snow to blizzard conditions(and it was sunny 30 minutes ago). if this holds all day and doesnt warm up into rain, i might suggest a trip to tahoe this weekend.