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Rossi Axial 2 Recall?

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There's an issue with the heel plate of the Axial 2 binding coming apart. I've been told there is a recall, but the shop I went to didn't know anything about the recall. The bindings are from last year.

Anyone else hear about this?
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No. I haven't heard that, could you possibly elaborate?

You say you heard there is a recall...then you say the shop you went to didn't 'know anything about a recall'...soooo, who told you there is a recall? A random person on a chairlift?

I'll call Rossi when I get to work to find out.
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I was told by a ski instructor that I know. He has the same skis, and has had the problem. The plastic piece comes away from the metal, leading to a breakage of the link between the heel plate and the binding. Once this happens, the binding is useless (ie unskiable), until repaired. Mine is starting to come apart.

Recall is word he chose, not me. Perhaps its simply a known warranty issue. I don't know. That's why I am asking.
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There was a recall on the original Rossi/Look Axial heelpieces in 2000 because the brakes would fall off. They fixed it pretty quick though...
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That's my concern too. Haven't mounted yet, these ABS plastics just looks fragile.
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