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Getting new skis - Salomons?

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Here in New Zealand it’s almost time to make plans for the forthcoming ski season (yay).

Last season I got a nice pair of boots, so i think this season it's time to get my own pair of skis. I'm 20 years old, and a fairly fit 180cm (~5'11") at 72 kgs (~160lbs).

I'm a strong intermediate skier, i suppose; I've taught myself to get down pretty much anything as long as it's not icy. My technique's probably pretty ugly as I've never had lessons, but I plan on going some way towards rectifying that this season by getting a few lessons.

I’m fairly aggressive I guess, but like to feel in control and can get a bit uncomfortable on really hard icyish slopes.

I do almost all of my skiing at Mt Ruapehu, which pretty much alternates between icy hardpack, crust and slush. If we're lucky we'll get a couple of days of nice snow off piste, but it doesn’t happen that often. So yeah most of my skiing is on piste as it's often too icy off, but I like to get off the tracks when I can.

I've been skiing on my girlfriend's old (old!) Rossingol ex rental first generation carvers (she's my height, though a fair bit lighter), which are 170cm. I find them really easy to ski on, but am probably starting to outgrow them in ability and they're getting pretty soft. So, time to move on I think. I got to try some Head midfats (can't remember exactly what, but they were big and green) last year when it was a beautiful day off piste. I loved them in the soft stuff, but I feel it would be a bit silly to get them when most of my skiing is on hard pack.

As a poor-ass student I don't have a whole lot of money to throw around, though I could extend that student loan a bit more. I do believe, however, that it's worth spending that bit more if it makes a difference to performance. I've recently started working at an outdoor store, which gives me access to wholesale-priced Salomon and Black Diamond skis. Black Diamonds are all telemarkers though, as far as I can tell…?

So, I'm unsure whether to get a single pair to use all the time; or to get a more specialised on-piste pair with the intention of later getting a pair of midfats for the rare good off-piste day. And once I've decided that, which particular ones to get?

I'll do my best to demo anything before i get it, but the fact I'll have to order them in limits my ability to do so unless I happen to go down to the mountain on a Saloman demo day. If Salomons aren't up to scratch, i could go to a retailer and buy another brand full price, but it'd be nice not to have to. Also, when will the 07/08 range come out? Will it be too late for this ski season (July-October)?

Cheers guys, sorry bout the length of that post.
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hi nzbassist,

For information a little closer to home...

try www.snowatch.com.au or forum.ski.com.au

Having said that, the 07/08 gear should just about be arriving in New Zealand now... try the shops around early may, or give them a call.

At 72kg i would suggest you are getting on the heavy side for foam core skis, so last time i checked that would rule out most of the salomons...

Nothing stopping you putting alpine bindings on black diamond skis... i just don't know anything about them...

If you are working somewhere that you can get cheap skis... go with what you can do cheaply as a student
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I'm your weight and found the 170 Tornado to be a nice all mountain ski, excellent choice for an improving athletic intermediate. It has a mainly wood core with some foam around it, beefier and smoother than old Sollies, but still light and quick. To me, shows Atomic's influence. Handles ice, bumps, and light pow really well, Ok in crud at moderate sppeds. Gets nervous over 40 mph on anything.

Might think about a Fischer AMC 76 also. Also quick and light, but stiffer, so a touch smoother, faster, more demanding, better on ice and higher speed carves, not as good in soft stuff.

Both can be found in 06-07 for good prices, neither is gonna change for 07-08.
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okay cheers for that, guys. Yeah I would just wander into Snowcentre and ask them, but it's kinda hard since I'd probably not be buying from them unless Salomons were ruled out. I'll check out those suggestions though

Hell, a 72kg male is too heavy for most of the Salomon range? but that's below the average male weight, how do they sell any skis at all?
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Thumbs up for Tornado

Nah, 72kg isn't going to be a problem on ANY Salomon ski (what's that - about 160 lbs?). I'm not a huge fan of Salomons but the Tornado was quite fun when I tried it. Quite a few Australians over here this winter expressed to me that they liked it and thought that it would work well there. I think that it has a wood core.
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hmm yeah the tornado looks like it's been getting some decent reviews. Interestingly, it doesn't appear on the salomon nz website which might mean it's hard to get hold of over here.

hmm, sometime in the next month or so I'll give the suppliers a ring and see exactly what I'd be able to get, and how much cheaper it'd be etc. But it's good to know that there's at least one Salomon option for me.

Cheers guys.
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