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And here gentlepersons, through the ability to share information and exchange ideas is how true invention happens. No, not from one seminal isolated concept! Not from one master mind! But, it is from that pool of creative thoughts that something worthwhile flows to humankind!

Look at all of the wonderful concepts here and combined them via the process of synergistic thought!

What you end up with is .... is ... (Bill Clinton moment ), .... a helium filled air bag that is actuated by an electronic suppository ... that is triggred by "the pucker factor" of each situation .... each situation is factored and evaluated in relation to y-o-u the ultimate consumer!

Jus' like with ski bindings ... you set a "DIN" .... for the pucker factor. And it works in all situations!!!!

Afraid of boarders ... no problemo!

Afraid of an avalanche ... we got ya' covered!

Ice?? Yer kiddin .. childs play for this gizmo!

Simply set the pucker factor of the device to react to the PPSI of the sphincter .... pucker yer' sphincter hard enough ..... and viola! ... sphicter accuated, full body, helium body bag inflates and you azzz aint no longer grass!

DIN settings inclued ...

1. I shake at the sight of small dogs

2. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can ...

3. What me worry?

4. No fear .. most days

5. I don't need no stinkin air bag, Jesus will take care of me .. but just in case.

6. Sure, before we go, one more toke ...

14. Yo, dude, I can do it. Word!
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No fog goggles.
There are plenty which claim to be no fog, but none which seem to work well.
They should fit over glasses.
Fans need to be laminar flow instead of turbulent.
Enhance vision with polarized color differntiation (see Polaroid's early work).
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$200 lift tickets.
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Get serious. If someone had a seriously good product idea, they would send it to the Patent office.

In the meantime, you could have SEPARATE identifying beacons for you, your skis and your poles.

A "powder cord" that releases from your backpack making you easier to find:.
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How about ejection bindings. The eject buttton is in your pole handles. Maybe incorporate this into Yuki's ultimate set up.
Just be careful to use your poles and not your buddies.
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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

A "powder cord" that releases from your backpack making you easier to find:.
that not so far fetched.... its KISS and would work just the same as powder cord from your skis. Not to mention cheap and would only be used with everything else you would want to use Out of bounds(beacon namely)
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Originally Posted by MilesB View Post
$200 lift tickets.
wait a couple years
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We need to raise seed money to bring forth the


Already, thanks to Art Faye, we are developing the second generation (A$$HOLEII), that will include only two additional wires to the rocket ejection devices again no problem since most of the details were worked out by the USAF.

Testing will begin at the Killington Proving Grounds this spring.

Test Pilots Needed ... salary is negotiable ..
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