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No Snow is Good

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I am sitting here in Seattle looking out the window to see only sun. Since when did we have sun in October in the PNW? It is even warm enough to walk around in a t-shirt. I think the last time this happend was 1998. Up until Thanksgiving we had near no snow on baker and then it came. First storm brought 100 inches in a week and it kept coming and coming and coming. It came to a grand total of over 1000 inches. What a year. Moral of the story, if you wait it will come. This is going to be another epic year for the PNW. It better, because I am taking winter off and becoming a ski bum.
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Good call pman. Ruapehu in NZ is a classic example...give it a good dump in May, get the hopes up and chances are you are looking at apitiful season of rock-hopping. Hold off on the precip till late Jun, get everyone all anxious, and things are looking good.

That is what I call Scientific Analysis of Pre-Season Meteorology.
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1998-99 was a La Nina year, and the PNW predictably got hammered. This year is an El Nino year, when the PNW gets less than average snow.

This map shows the predicted snowfall for November-January. It looks like the Northern Rockies will get the least snow, while the PNW coast will be average.
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