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Had Shoulder Surgery Last Week. (recovery process begins)

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Hey fellow Bears,

Had Bankhart repair done on my shoulder last thursday. They did an arthoscopic procedure on it. I'm in a sling for the next 4 weeks, and Then I start PT. Doctor said I should be back to 100% by end of JUNE. I had to have this operation done due to too many dislocations. Once I recover there's a 95% change that the arm will never disslocate again.

Anyway, ski season is done for me, and I"m sad because from the looks of the weather it's far from over. To all my eastcosters get out there and enjoy for me, while i'm stuck here

Well, that's all just wanted to say hi to everyone.

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Are you a member of this thead yet?


Anyway, good luck with it. And remember, the PT doesn't stop just because you believe you are back to normal. I beg of you to please continue light weight lifting for the rest of your life. And keep the yoga to a minimum. You're weak now, but with adequate attention to your shoulder, you may prevent any further dislocations.

Good luck dude; Ganbatte (in japanese)...
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Hang in there, Xtremity.

I strongly recommend that you find yourself a good Chiropractor. Shoulder surgery and post-surgical rehab puts tremendous stress on the lower cervical and upper/mid thoracic spine. You want to make sure you keep these areas... and the rest of your spine as well... flexible, mobile, and balanced during your healing process. A proper nerve supply from your central nervous system to your body tissues (and vice versa) is a must if you want to maximize your recovery.

Let your PT rehab your shoulder, and let a Chiropractor keep your spine well adjusted.

Good luck!
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I had rotator cuff surgery in September and I am still in rehab, but I skied the whole season with no difficulty. You should have no problem with rehab for next year.
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thanks for support and advice guys,

last week I did bench press 2 days before my surgery, I put up 315 3 times for my max... I'm going to try my best to be back up to that by the end of the summer. I will nurse it and take it slow, but I plan on hitting the gym hard-core once i'm healed.
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I just read all your stories in the other post. I my self have popped out this shoulde over 15 times now. It got to the point where it would come out in my sleep. This is why I got my surgery. I will be very careful with it, and I'm a HUGE gym hog.

Sorry to hear your missfurtune with your many disslocations, most of my disslocations were due to the love of my life other than skiing...basketball.
I don't plan to play B-ball till next november.

I think the main problem for you, me and others is that we RUSHED back into our normal routine wayyyy to quickly. I don't plan on making that mistake with my surgery.

I will focus on legs and abs after my 4 weeks in a sling, and do nothing but rehab or what ever my physician tells me to untill i'm fully healed...

Once I get the go ahead I will go back to my normal routine...but even so i will always be careful with it.

Serously I think most of our problems were due to you rushing into it too quickly.
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there's something about the bench press motion - that's the one that bothers me the most under my scapula. I do some bigger weights also for few reps but the side with the shoulder issue is weaker for sure. So I guess do your PT how they tell you and work your way slowly back (agreeing with you)
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yeah bench is the last thing i'll get back into.. it uses ur shoulder ALOT...
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Good luck with your recovery. Go slow and listen to your Dr.
Shoulders take a long time to heal.
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Originally Posted by Xtremity View Post
Serously I think most of our problems were due to you rushing into it too quickly.
Yeah... that and falling. I never dislocated a shoulder while skiing and not falling... no matter how quickly I got back into it.

Keep your attitude up Xtremity. 15 is a big number. mine were 12 and 9 before the surgeries. Then, a gazillion after that. It seems that once it blew (6 months/1 year) after the surgery, I was right back where I was before the surgery. It wasn't like starting over again. It was like picking up where I had left off. In other words, blow it now and you enter my realm.

Most of us feel confident and strong when we get back into our routine. It takes a lot of patience to admit that even though we feel 100% 6 months down the road, we still had a pretty major history and very traumatizing surgery. the truth is, we will never be that strong again.

anyway, I would like to give props to yet another season of no injuries. Skied close to 50 days, maching through japan's trees- avoiding falls.

ct55 commented on the bench. That was the hardest thing for me to get into as well. I currently use 25lb bells for flies/military presses, about 4 mornings a week. I also still use my monster rubberband (mainly because it fits in my home and suitcase) for lat pulls, and uprght rows. it hooks nicely onto railings, etc.

The best thing, once I was strong enough for a gym again, was gymnastics rings for flies, lat pull, dips, row, tri-cep extenstion, pull-ups, and even curls. I live in an apartment now and no longer have access to the rafters needed to hang it. But I miss that set-up dearly.

I'm over the whole heavy-weight lifting thing. lights weights, high reps and pushups are my current golden ticket.

Good luck guys, I like hearing how other people keep up the PT as well.
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