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Stowe Saturday?

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Anyone gonna be up this way?
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I wish
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I was thinking of heading to either Stowe or Jay this coming weekend, depending on what the weather does this week.
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I would love to do Jay this weekend, I just cannot get away for 3 days. I am planning on doing Okemo on Sunday (if I buy my frequent skier card for 08, i ski free on Sunday) and Kton on Monday.

Lets see how the weather looks..Thursday there is a storm a brewing, but Sunday is looking like rain.
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Kevin - let me know if you come. Let's hook up. Gotta talk cycling too.
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Originally Posted by epic View Post
Anyone gonna be up this way?
I am planning on Sugarbush Friday, Jay Saturday and Sugarbush again Sunday. What does Stowe cost? I haven't skied STowe in a long time, but if you can convince me its better than Jay Peak, I'm game! Does Stowe have woods?
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$25 with a couple of cans of food on sunday (4/15)
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Originally Posted by dantelman View Post
Does Stowe have woods?
It's covered in them!
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Awesome skiing yesterday!

Yesterday I skiied with Whiterom, ILikeSki and jamesdeluxe, and the snow was awesome. We skiied Goat and Starr from the top (even if we did have to, ahem, Highway Star them) and they were in great shape. Snowflakes were coming down that were as big as moths. Tomorrow should be outstanding too as it is still snowing now. The mountain has decided to reopen the Gondi for the weekend. Since the Gondi has been closed all week, I think we are going to have to make a few runs out of bounds. I suggest anyone that is coming bring big skis if you have them. Also, KevinF and I were planning on meeting inside the lodge at 9. Forget that, I don't think we should let any of this get away from us. We'll meet at 8 in front of the demo center (next to the Quad). That way we can get a run or two beforethe Gondi opens. Anyone that doesn't make it can meet up in front of the customer service desk at Mansfield at Noon. That is all.
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