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Posting images

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How do you post an image on this board?

Also, if any different, how do you post an image on places that require an 'Image URL'. Currently I have the image on my hard drive.. what would I need to do?
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I'm not in the mood (I'm lazy ) of searching through the BBear forums and point you to the many posts concerning this, so:
You can not post an image which resides only
on you hard drive. Unless you "hard drive"
(the computer really) is a web server...
You need space on the net, provided by an
ISP like geocities or yahoo or ...
Then you need to upload the image into that space, using an FTP program.
Last you code the "link" to that image in
your post using the img tags which you find
described into the UBB section of the BBears
Hope this helps

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Go to photoasa.com, set up a free account, upload your pics and then you can post. Instructions can be found by clicking on the "UBB Code is enabled" line on the "Post a Reply" screen. Many web hosters, such as geoshitties, MSN and others wont let you post pics from your account to another site, you can only post a url link. That's why I use photoasa.com.
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Eh eh, we've posted all three at the same time...
Dchan, you're the best!
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All right.. thanks.

Question - does it work for gif files? If not, is there a way to convert a gif file to jpeg? Thanks!
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almost all picture formats should work. If you can view it with your web browser it should work. Try one and see [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'm using virtue.nu for posting pics. It's free and has a nice web interface for uploading pictures. I was using my ISP's free webspace but it requires an FTP program and I don't have one at work.

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If you have Internet Explorer of any recent version, I think as far back as 4.0, you can ftp via explorer. In the address line just type in ftp://sitename.xyz.com
check with your isp on how to access your specific folders and account. It may be in the way you log on.
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AH, good advice, dchan! I had no idea you could FTP with IE. I use WS_FTP at home and it works great but I don't install anything on my work laptop so don't have it here. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
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