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Star Wars Kid

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What was the point?

Pretty stupid...I kept waiting for him to actually do something funny, like fall on his a**, or break something. Never happened. A complete waste of two-minutes.

I use to really be into youtube and break.com, but lately they've become really lame...Not much is all that funny, or done well lately.
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He sued...


The parents of the infamous "Star Wars Kid" are suing classmates who posted a humiliating video of their son on the Net, according to Canada's Globe and Mail.

Quebec teenager Ghyslian Raza was the target of worldwide mockery when a private video he made of himself practicing his lightsaber moves was uploaded to the Net by kids at his school.

Now his parents are claiming damages of $160,000 from the families of the four classmates who digitized and published the video. Ghyslain's parents claim their son was so humiliated, he is undergoing psychiatric care and may be marked for life by the experience.

Ghyslain's video was posted to the Kazaa file-sharing network in the spring.

The two-minute video shows an overweight teenager fighting a mock battle with a golf-ball retriever doubling as a lightsaber. The teenager twirls the "lightsaber" ever more energetically while generating his own sound effects. It is obviously not for public consumption.
This took off as a web phenom about 3-4 years ago. To see how far it went, check out all the remakes...
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My favorite was the George Michael star wars tape on Arrested Development.
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Wow! I've never seen that before!
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I am always amazed at the number of people dumb enough to video-tape something that they don't want others to see.
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LMAO!!! That is the best one. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by learn2turn View Post
The cool thing about that one is that some schmoe with a home computer was basically able to create the same effects that Lucus used in the original Star Wars 30 years ago....

I like this one...


"Talk about being screwed...."

EDIT: Speaking of Remakes, I assume everyone here has seen or at least heard of "TROOPS", by Kevin Rubio
It's the events on Tatooine from the original Star Wars as seen from the eyes of the imperial troops filmed a la "Cops" style....

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