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See if you already here and want powder. I would say go to Targhee, but I couldnt see flying across the Atlantic and going Grand Targhee. I really like that place but its the same pitch all the ways down and its pretty small. Plus no features at all compared to alta/bird.

Alta can have more untracked on powder day but you got to work to get it. Plus lots of flat areas and since its flat later in the year when snowbird snow can stay wintery entire face in alta get baked by the snow. turning the snow to all kinds of fun stuff.

At snowbird you will have the hardest charging, best skiers especailly on powder days. You also have the faster lift out of the three the tram. With line cutting privileges(you get that with privates at all of them) and that lift you will get tons of pow skiing in.

Also with Full day privates you can get up to 3 early tram rides starting at 7:30am before opening to the public.

plus everyone know that Gad 2 is the best skiing on a powder day the problem is no one knows that lift terrain all that well, except for me.
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Originally Posted by HarkinBanks View Post

let's make sure and hook up. PM me later and I can give you more details.
Hey, Harkin. Are you back in the vicinity?

We're thinking of driving over the hill tomorrow (Thursday, April 12) to ski the 'Ghee. Any way you could hook up?
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Bob, sent PM.

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cheers for that HB

well it's def gonna be Grand Targhee - i like the low key but cool vibe i'm getting from the reports of the place and i want a place with people that are just into the skiing . The idea of finding a little bit of wilderness that's not overly crowded sure appeals too. But the final thing that sold it to me wasGuiness on draft.Happen to be a Guiness drinker and there's nothing better than relaxing in the evening with your favorite beer.

Well Gand Targhee here i come .........i wonder if i need a bigger pair of sticks????
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take your point Bushwhacker- but the other thing i like about Targhee is that no-one over here has heard of it ! Imagine i tell my friends i'm going to this place in the middle of Wyoming , they think "crazy fool" then i bring back stories and photos of great powder , untracked areas and skiing cowboys. doesn't get better than that

The ultimate one upmanship- while they talk about the lift price at Verbier and that a coke cost them $12 on the mountain - i can just say "oh you should try Grand Targhee it's boss and has acres of untracked pow"

Perfect - skiing where the European masses fear to tread - and no Germans pushing in the lift queue
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In the middle of Wyoming? Its just over the border from Idaho. In the middle of nowhere might be a more accurate description. You'll find much of the local population in Idaho is tied to potato seed farming so don't expect Driggs, ID (the closest town) to have much to offer in excitement. While in visiting Targhee pop over the pass to see the elk refuge and the Grand Tetons.
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thanks for the info Rio - but no worries i'll find my excitment on the slopes ! in the evening just need a few beers and a laid back attitude
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lol nice HB
I'm almost thinking about going now, you make it sound so delicious!
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