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FS:3 pairs of skis

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I tore my ACL late in the season, so I think I'm probably going to want new stuff for when I can actually ski again(hopefully next season sometime)

2003 Rossignol RPM 17's in 184 with Rossi Axial Race 100 bindings...$175 OBO

2006 Rossignol Scratch FS in 174 with Rossi Axial 2 120 bindings...$275 OBO

2005 Volkl Karma in 177 no bindings (need edged really bad)...$100 OBO

Both of the Rossi's are in excellent condition, I spent most of my time on my Karma's which were a used in the park sometimes. Shipping is from the 15904 zipcode in Pennsylvania.
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Don't need your skis, but I see you're from J-town. I'm an old Westmonter. Did Laurel ever open this year? And how did the Jets, uh, Chiefs, do this year?
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Im interested in the Karma's but need a little more info. How bad are the edges? Bad as in not much edge left at all or will a good tune and ground be alright? How are the bases? Any coreshots? How many times mounted and to what BSL? Can you email some pictures?
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I think the Karma's could just use a good solid tune, and they have been drilled twice, once for solly 900's at a 305 boot chassis I think, and once for PX12's at a 315 boot chassis, other than that the bases are in good shape.
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pm'd you my email address for the pictures.
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These Karmas still for sale?
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switch i never ended up getting any of the emails you sent, i seem to be having a problem with my hotmail account. Im still interested in the Karmas though, could you send the pictures to michael.balzano05@stjohns.edu . hopefully thatll work better.
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Are the Karmas still available? If so are they the white ones from 05-06 season? please let me know when you get a chance. also, if you could PM me pictures, i'd appreciate it. thanx.
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