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Easter Wknd TR: K'ton/MRG

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I'm dreaming of a White Easter, just like the Christmas' I used to know!

KMart on Saturday/MRG w/BarrettSCV on Sunday:
Sat: This was actually my first time skiing KMart and I immediately got lost and wound up over in Sunrise Village However, warming up on Great Eastern, Fall's Brook and Sundog was a lovely scenic run and tour! I could see the snow piled high on trees and there was plenty of soft cover to be found. I made my way over to Bear Mtn. Devil's Fiddle looked like it needed to be mowed and was not skiable. Outer Limits had decent cover on the right sides by the treeline and left side bumps were hard and a little icy over the backends but generally w/good soft snow cushioning in between. Center was pretty iced up.

I went over to Skye Peak. Among Superstar, Old Superstar and Ovation there was some boot high powder to be found here and there as well as some very thin cover, especially on Old Superstar. It was not nearly as crowded as Bear was, but don't get me wrong, Bear wasn't really that crowded either. Bumps were relatively soft, again some ice on the backsides.

I went back over to Killington Peak and spent most of the rest of my day over there using the Canyon Quad. I really spent a lot of time in the Woods between Big Dipper and The Throne as well as Chop Chop, which is exactly what happened to the bases of my skis There was still a lot of great soft snow and pow to be found all over the place in these areas and I really spent a lot of time here as I was on 88mm skis and that's where the first Pic you'll see was taken. East Fall was icy at the first drop, but nice and fast Racer's Edge was in good shape too.

I got a call from Michael BarrettSCV around 2:30 as I was getting off the Canyon Quad and gave him the quick snow report. He'd just gotten into town and was already at the Gondola Bar! Who said only people at TGR meet up???

I skied 'til 4 and my mp3 player died at the same time as my legs towards the end of my last run and I thought it was Miller Time!!!

Somehow I found Michael in K'ton bar and we put down a couple of brews. Not skiing related, but there was a shredding guitarist ripping it up in there. On a Philpug suggestion, we stayed at the Inn at Long Trail. Thx Phil, that place is great! Anyone looking for a decent deal up near K'Mart/Pico should seriously stay here if you like a good Irish Pub where you're staying, a nice rustic feeling and a great breakfast. Murray is a great guy as well as Owen the bartender They had live entertainment both nights and it was an all around great place. Michael and I never made it back out once we got back there, but chatted over more beers and found we had a lot in common other than the sick obsession that is skiing

Upon finding out he had never been to MRG, it was a natural for Sunday. It was the last wknd of the Single Chair and we had to get him there!!! It was lightly snowing the whole way up and OHHHHHH NELLLLLLIE was it worth the hour drive!!!!

Conditions were absolutely fantastic all over the mountain I could name a bunch of trails like I did for Killington, but if you know MRG, the whole place was awesome!!! There was fresh powder to be found everywhere, some of it knee to thigh deep, and it snowed all day. It was their last day of the season but you'd never know it by the amount of snow and its quite a shame that their season is over because it would still be epic there for days, especially with more snow on the way! The 2nd pic is Michael rippin' it up on Waterfall and the third is me in poor form just before Rockefeller's What is my back leg doing?

At the end of the day, they had a big ceremony for the last single chair ride and then they played Taps. It was a very emotional day at MRG and one helluva way to send off the season and the original single chair. We got you there Michael!!!
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Hi Eric,

Yesterday was awesome and I should explain that the last picture is the result of the crappy photographer, yours truly, and not the skier.

Eric is a fast and consistent skier who looked liked a fish in water. He was skilled and skiing-it-all while being surprisingly unconcerned about his new Monster 88 as we tackled all the underbrush of that Mad River Glen. Good Man!

After skiing Alta-bird twice and Banff (SSV & LL) earlier this year, who would of thunk that MRG would be the most epic of all, and the place to truly Kick-My-Ass! One suggestion to newbies (like me) who are skiing MGR for the first time, leave the race plates and the plug boots at home!

Well, I would definitely be calling in sick and be heading up there again this week, but unlike the lucky locals and commuters, I got a plane to catch.

Thanks for the shared experience.

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Wow Michael... I don't even really know how to respond to that! Thx so much, that's a really serious compliment to me! I haven't really skied w/many people in the last 3 seasons(since I really started skiing again,) and in all fairness, I did have the perfect equipment for the perfect conditions

To keep the love flowing... Michael really is an excellent skier w/great technical abilities and form(I mean look at that pic) If I ski fast then you ski at mach speed! Get that 230 lbs moving down the hill and watch him fly! Rarely have I seen a skier of Michael's size be able to ski w/such grace, he's like a Gazelle! Those of you Bears that have skied w/him already knew that though

MRG really can be a seriously humbling mtn, as I've found out in the 3 days I've spent there this season, and its definitely not the place for the plug's and race carvers! The hidden gem of EC skiing and not a place for the faint of heart!

I really had a blast and I hope we can make some turns again soon... is that Mt. Bachelor I hear bellowing in the distance?

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Eric, missed you by one day at MAD. I always seem to just miss the best days, though Saturday was certainly nothing to complain about.

Nice report!
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