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It seems there are 3 posters on this thread who actually are in the business- SierraJim, Bud, and gregfits. I yield to their knowledge and experience!

I know GregH and Bud, but have never had the pleasure of meeting Jim (maybe the next time I come home to Calif...)

Like Greg stated, if all the B/M guys closed their doors for lack of business, we would all be totally screwed! Non-pro, and pro alike! We all rely upon these experts to do their magic on our fitted torture chambers, and I don't believe any of us would ever say what they do isn't worth every penny spent (provided the magic works for you).

So, either take the boots out of the box, put them on and go skiing, and shut up, or go see these guys, pay them for the privilege, and smile everytime you put your boots on afterwards.
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Originally Posted by Atomicman View Post
Yes at seasons end after a retailer has paid for and owns any inventory they have left, in order to turn that deadstock to cash they will sell it for less then their cost. This also may prompt a customer to purchase other accesory items to go along with that sale, where if you didn't buy the boot, you may not purcahse the sokc, binding, goggle or what have you at this store.

When a retailer gets down to the bottom of the barrel, odd sizes, onesies & twosies of a size, color, model, fabric, or in the case of ski boots they just were not a popular model or had some kind of a fit problem, bad reputation or the retailer just ordered too many of them , they may go to as much as 70% off retail. this is much less then what they paid for it. But at least it recoups some of the cash they have sitting in that owned and paid for inventory.
My shop has a lucky fit wall. It is stocked with older boots that they had sitting around in the back room collecting dust. Although there is nothing wrong with these boots, they are not current models and would not be sold for retail. He sells them as is, no formal bootfitting involved, and the customer does thier own fitting. His prices on those boots are way below what he paid for them, but it is found money. He also blows stuff out at ski swaps that didn't sell from the year before, I'm sure if he were computer savvy, he would be dumping that stuff on E-bay.

P.S. I own a pair of "lucky fit" boots. this year, I finally gave up on my 3 year old Technica Icon X boots. I ski 100+ days a year, mostly patrolling, so they're full days. I didn't have time for new boots, or the need for new boots at the beginning of the year, so I kept working with the old ones as they packed out. This February, the boots were beyond bootfitting, so I had to get new boots. they were my 3rd pair of 25.5 Technica, going from TNT's to Explosion8 to Icon X, and I have a Technica foot. He was totally out of the 25.5 Technica I would have liked, and the factory was out, so I saw a pair of 25.5 Technica DP's on the "wall". They're a several year old model, and slightly less performance than what I was used to, but they fit and were new. They were priced $150, and I grabbed them, moved whatever I had in the old boots over, had keith do a little minor tweaking, and they work fine. Next November, when he has a full line of boots ready, I'll try a couple on and select a current model.
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Glad to hear you scored!

There ya go!
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Atomicman's explanation of close out prices is crucial here. It is so tough to turn a profit at the end of the fiscal year, and the fact that the business is seasonal adds to the problem. I worked in a shop in Steamboat many years ago. If we didn't have a great December the store would be in the red for the year. It really sucks that the models change every year, yet it is often just a cosmetic change. Last year's product, still perfectly good, has to be given away at cost or below. This probably started with the car business decades ago. Can you imagine a bookseller who had to dump inventory at the end of every winter? This is a reason why shops need a good sized margin to start with. Many transactions will have little or no profit in them, and that is figuring before the cost of doing business! It is not a business I would like to be in... My 2 cents. LewBob
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Why is Surefoot different?

The OP implies Surefoot isn't dumping stock like the other shops in town. So what allows them to hold prices up as compared to the other shops in town?
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Worth it for me

Wow, what a long debate, I am exhausted. FWIW, I bought Lange 120 FRs with Surefoots last year at the Canyons and love them. Yes, they were very expensive, but the boot and the fit is perfect. I have a perfect Lange foot, which certainly helps. After skiing for 3 seasons in terrible pain in my old Head's, I would, and did, pay a lot of money for a perfect, comfortable fit. I visited the shop at the Canyons for two days and watched all of the fitters and pretty much figured out the best one. I requested him and he did a great job. I just needed my big toe areas to be punched out the next day and have a great boot that I enjoy putting on each ski day. The price is up there, but for me, it was entirely worth it and I would not hesitate to get them again.
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