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Fischer RC4 Race SC vs. RX8

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I've been skiing on 20+ year old K2 712s at 200cm for a long time now and have been resisting the new-style skis. I've also only been skiing 3-6 times a year for the past 10-15 years, but that is increasing now that I can ski with my boys. I always felt like I could do what I wanted with the 712s so why change? Anyways, I finally broke down and tried out some demo Contact 11s at 172cm last week. Wow, that was fun. I usually carved my 712s, so I didn't feel like I needed a huge change of technique to ski the Contact 11s. I'm sure I've got to work on keeping my skis a bit further apart (not that I skied the 712s glued together) and quiet my vertical dropping unweighting motion. It was good demo experience, allowing me to ski quicker (to keep up with my 12-year old!) without getting as tired. I'm 5'11" and about 210lbs. I ski almost exclusively in the Northeast these days so performance on hard surfaces is probably most important, but I want some versatility.

After some quick research and to catch end-of-the-season sales, I was set to get the RX8. It sounded like it was a bit more lively and turned a bit sharper than the Contact 11, but who knows.

I ended up with RC4 Race SC at 170cm instead of the RX8 due to availability and about $150 cheaper. I was told it was virtually the same ski as the RX8, and looking at the specs it seems pretty similar (same tip and tail width, just 1mm narrower at the waist) same Railflex2, same bindings, generally the same except perhaps for "FT frame" and "World Cup Tuning" (edges), whatever those are. I would have preferred to demo more, but wanting to catch a sale this year and not have to play the demo game next year I just went for it.

Are they pretty much the same ski? How do they differ skiing-wise?

I was assured the Race SC was much more versatile than a true race ski. I can assure you I didn't buy them because they said "race," despite skiing on old slalom skis for years. I wanted some versatility.

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The Race SC will do everything and more that the RX8 will do on groomers without being to much. May not be as good in bumps though. If you like agressive piste skiing and don't go in the bumps much you will be pleased.
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I have last years race sc and rx8 in 165cm. I agree with eric s the race sc does everything better than the rx8 on groomed piste, except bumps, but then the rx8 is not the most pleasant in bumps either.

The biggest difference is short snappy turns down the fall line, the rx8 seems slower to engage than the race sc and also has a dead feel in comparison when exiting the turn. The shovel of the rx8 seems softer than the race sc, which may explain the slower engagment.

Having skied both back to back on the same day and conditions (very hard man made snow) i don't think they are the same ski, the race sc gave me much more confidence, and felt more stable in those conditions than the rx8's, which to be honest were disappointing considering all the hype about them.

I ski them both plus 15mm forward of centre, and everyone i know who has these (3 of us) skis them in this postion.

As a quick observation i also have some rc4 wc sc with flowfex in 160cm and the centre mark for these if the skis are placed on their tails is exactly level with the centre mark of the race sc's and rx8's even though they are 5cm longer.
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Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like I was slightly misled, but since I'm not really into bumps, better groomed performance at the expense of bumps doesn't really bother me. I'm sure the Race SCs can't be worse than my old 200cm 712s in the bumps!

I hope to take them out this weekend for a last outing of the season with the family.
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i don't think you have been misled, as the side cut is similar and fischers web site aims them at the same level, people assume they are from the same mould. i just find the race sc is a more balanced ski, with a more consistent flex. The rx8 is a fine ski and i do find long carves on them fun, and many people sing their praises, just the race sc is better in my opinion, especially on piste. Off piste or in very soft snow they are both a little bit "hooky", not that they were designed for those sort of conditions.

i hope you enjoy them, i think you made the right choice.
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I liked the Race SC in soft bumps and you probably will too. They will be a lot easier in soft bumps than your old 200cm skis. However, if the snow is to wet and heavy and deep, they suck. I don't ski hard bumps.

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RX8 vs Race SC

Ilh' I demo'd both plus a few others and picked the Race SC for my on piste ski. I liked it the most because of its realy versatility in all types of turnsl. The ski felt a little softer to me (but not a softie) and was very easy to ski but still performed very well. I feel very comfortable on this ski; making quick shorties in the fall line, med turns anywhere or SG turns at speed. Good choice a very versatile and performance ski.
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Just a followup. I skied my new Race SCs at Stowe this weekend and loved them even though conditions were fairly soft. I found them nicely energetic and capable of a variety of turn types. I am very happy with them.

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