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Can anyone tell me if there are skis that perform better for big people (230lbs) . i know that the longer the better for the weight, I ski level 3
50/ 50 off trail.Was looking at a set of volkl karma for a all mountain ski
. If anyone has a better suggestion or help that would be great. oh also
does anyone know who still has a set of new karma for sale . i heard that
volki was not making the ski for 08.
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Check out the Atomic Metron B5 in a 172cm.
This is the best all mountain ski out there!
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What is your height? Generally, there are a lot of skis that would be OK for your weight in the longer lengths. Where do you normally ski? What are the snow conditions say 80% of the time? What skis do you use now?

The Karma is a fairly stiff ski, but it is biased as a soft snow ski and of course a twin tip. It is on the lighter side of skis I have owned. It happens to carve pretty well on hard snow in wide turns, but there are better skis if you do a lot of groomed/hard snow skiing, want to bust crud, or want a true do-it-all 50/50 ski. If you wanted mainly powder or soft snow performance, you couldn't go wrong with the Karma though.

In past seasons, I was 225lb (6'1") and generally went for 180-185cm skis. They all held fine. For east coast use and trips out west, mid-fats with 75-80mm waists are the best compromise I found for a true 50/50 ski. In fact, I am selling a pair of Elan M666 184cm mid-fat free-ride skis with integrated bindings that would match you well; I went down to a 176cm length after losing weight, but 184cm is ideal for larger guys. This is one of my favorite skis in recent years, and it does everything well. PM me if you want more info.
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I have also been heavily considering getting a pair of Karmas for the softer days here out east (Ive got a pair of sx11's that i use for the normal icy conditions im used to here) but i have just found a pretty good deal on a pair of stockli stormrider xl 174. I am 5'7", 165lbs, aggressive skier level 7, athletic build and in good shape. Ive done alot of reading on the stormrider xl and i am a little worried that it might be too much of a ski for me, especially as its supposed to ski long. If i were to get it i would probably have to sell my sx11's and use it as a 1 ski quiver (my funds are pretty limited). Im torn between whether i should just hold out and get the karmas, or sell the sx11's and keep the stormriders (or i guess i could also say the hell with it and keep the stormriders and sx11's). any help would be greatly appreciated.
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