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Summer Camp?

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Hey Forum-
I posted about adult summer ski stuff a while ago and am coming back for some more advice:

Situation: I finish grad school in June and start a time-intensive job in the middle of July. Due to family commitments, etc... I've been able to budget just 1 week of self indulgence and north america seems easier than latin america to fit into that week...

Option: I surfed around and thanks to a recommendation from the forum, found the momentum camps to be the most impressive:

I am tempted to go, but I am also hesitant to spend so much money (close to $3k w/ taxes, airfare, etc...). I am wondering if anyone here has experience with the camps...

The only thing that I care about is whether or not this camp has a good chance of improving me as an all-around skier.

The camp will be a bargain it if it can make a material improvement in my ability to ski all types of bumps, take larger air and ski with more confidence and ability ON ALL TERRAIN outside of the camp for years going forward.

If it is $3,000 for some drills, sloppy coaching and a minor improvement in my ability only to ski competition-ready hand-shaped bump lines then I'm not that interested.

Anyone with thoughts to share?
If you have 1st hand experience, if you could describe yourself as a skier
and your experiences with the camp or one like it (skill level going in/goals set/achieved/general increase in skill level?/felt like you got your money's worth, etc...)

If you have second-hand experience or some other background if you could tell me anything that you think is relevant, that would be great.

I consider myself a very strong skier on all terrain but of course, not as strong as I could be...
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In addition the mougls momentum has some large large jumps and last year had a pretty impressive wall ride setup
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Go to Chile -- a week is enough time. Most people at Portillo go for a one week stay (we have been several times). For $3000 you should be able to get a week of great big mountain skiing -- better than a bump camp if you aren't a competitive bump skier and much more of a fun adventure.
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I have been to summer camps at the Glacier. Well worth it. I think you will in fact get what you are asking for above.

That said - I personally recommend Mogul Logic ( Their website may not be as fancy as Momentum, but they are top notch in quality of instruction and coaching, and they always have a good sized adult camp. Now, I am not saying Momentum is no good. In fact, I've heard good things about them also. Just saying my personal experience is with Mogul Logic and you just can't go wrong.

Keep in mind, with mogul logic, it will be mogul skiing focused. You will get training on air, but it'll be on mogul kickers and not the huge terrain park type kickers.

I've been doing these camps for a few years (did the summer camp twice and have done their winter 2-day camp 4 times), and I am a MUCH stronger and more confident all around skier.
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