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Although I will not attest to being fully recoverd from my Fibula skiing injury that happened 9 weeks ago, last Saturday was the first day I can admit to skiing. I telemark skied all day and by the end of the day it was feeling a little sore but to my great pleasure when I took off my boot at the end of the day, it was not the least bit swollen.

In mid march I gave up on skiing for the season thinking that winter was over and the incentives of taking a risk and skiing in one of those few and far between east coast powder days was looking grim. Thank god Sugarloaf got 30 inches last week! I skied all day on saturday, but the bilsters from my tele boots that had not been sean my feet in weeks were so bad sunday was out of the question.

Being easter, there is somthing about skiing the back side and traversing to the center of the front face snow fields on sugarloaf in a pink one-piece woman's ski suit as I had not skied in 9 weeks. No way to feel more bad ass than to duck a rope, ski open eastern snow fields, and be completely exposed to everyones site. Better yet this is all in a pink suit from a guy tele skiing on a semi broken leg. Amazing.