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Economic Stimulus Package for the Snow Country

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Today the travel business is very slow. Our season is coming up next. Should we be working now on getting some money for extra marketing to drive tourism for the SNOW COUNTRY? We could be in for a tough year if there is a reduction in skier days. This would mean that there would be less money for the state, the city, the ski area, the Lift Operators, the Instructors, Groomers, Mountain teams. We are talking alot of folks out of work. Not trying to be an alarmist BUT, if we see this could be coming why do we not start now to FIX it? States like Colorado, Utah, Montana, Vermont, even Michigan have substantial winter revenues that are generated over this period. Any interest out there? Or am I just on a RANT here, Could be me I do not know.
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Hey Dr Go,
Welcome to the wild side. I have been reading your stuff over at the hyperchangecafe. Welcome aboard..
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So, Dr. GO, you're looking for a ski industry bail-out?

I think if the politicians would quit bickering over creating more federal union members by making airport security a federal employee operation and just get the security in place (including a couple of armed marshals on every flight), you'd see travel come back significantly.

You'll never get the bottom-liners running the ski resorts to agree on how to attract and keep more snow sliders, let alone put up money to make it happen.
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There is a lot of danger (by precident) into making the ski industry welfare recipients.

Would Florida and the Carolinas qualify for small business reimbursments due to those terrorist sharks this August (probably Bin Laddens first wave)...... they probably would?

New Hampshire would have to opt out or give up it's "live free or die" license plates.

Actually, my prediction is that the NE resorts both large and small will make out like bandits. Since none of them are fly in destinations they will more than likley be on overload.

Don't look for any discounts if business is up. Two years ago Stowe tried to cancel my pre-booked (and paid for) "spring rates" simply because "it snowed"! The only hitch here is if the price of gasoline goes through the roof.
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No way, "Too cheap to pay more" breath.

Ski areas are way down on the list. Airlines, hotels, all the folks in NY - they get the money first.

Yeah, ski areas are going to take a hit - just like everyone else. They need to suck it up - just like everyone else. Face it folks. The world is forever different since 911 day.

We need to be thinking about how to the guy in Manhattan his deli back -- and getting money to the wife of the fireman so she can pay her mortgage.

Ski areas? Whooey. If lift tickets go up and we whip these f'ers, fine by me.
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Yes the NYC area is on line now to get some relief in the form of $$$$$ and the Deli Guy has packages waiting for him to get his business back. The people are getting help from several areas and points, there is SO MUCH help that there is a problem co-ordinating it all. Or getting it to the RIGHT people first and fast.
But our industry traditionaly is a bit sleepy in this regard, we keep forgetting that Thansgiving is in November and that December 25 is here sooner than you think. No I am not talking about the POWDER Hounds here. Jeeeees those dudes and dudettes smell Snow from a galaxy away. (I have see posters of MARS in some of thier abodes, you know the ICE caps, they swear that there is powder there!) The question is whith our representitives out there doling our the cash from the proverbial PORK BARREL will the SNOW STATES get in there and fight for what is RIGHTFULY theirs? Yeah we have rights! Hey look at the Agricultural grants that are out there. Heck no rain no problem we have drought protection. What about no snow? Poor harvest well we can get you some low intrest long term financing to keep you alive and well, what about the declining skier days? AG. gets money for NOT PLANTING crops! I know there is some animosity out there about SKI AREA managers and or ownership. Heck we think they are all bottom line oriented and I guess IF in business and you want to stay there you have to be to some extent. But if it were not for these pioneers of our SPORT I dare say that 50 - 60% of those who log on here would not be skiing. Give me a show of hands, WHO LEARNED ON A LIFT SURFACE? AWWWW you poor folks exploited by those capatalistic ski mongers who are so bottom line focused that they decided to put up a rope tow or surface lift, or maybe a real chair and let you ride on it for a fee that barely covers their cost. Labor of love was what most of it is. Yeah do not get me wrong I see the money made on REAL ESTATE. Yes PolyAnn REAL ESTATE is what make SKIIG profatable for the SKI AREA. Not your lift ticket! ANd you probably do not pay full price for that season ticket at your home hill, if you do WAKE UP! Again the point is that WE need to protect the industry all of us. Cause if the lifts do not run 90% of the skiers do not ski! And I do not want all of you in the backcountry it would be a mess, picking up all of those runny nosed lift skiers who get over the groomed stuff and WAM! Point is that the SNOW COUNTRY needs to have some assistance, the destination SKIER is a life blood of the revenue flow for the industry. Local drive to day skiers are great CASH cow one day hits. But the REAL ESTATE guys need the Two to Four day stay to keep the assets full and revenue up. Lets not be shy here, ALL of us who live in the HILLS need them too. Jobs that keep most of the people on the Hill or in the area are there cause the SEASON is good to them. AND all of you off season construction folks nmeed the Real Estate to keep your jobs too. It is a very symbiotic relationship. Can our Sate Reps wake up in time? Vote goes down in a few days!
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If you're in favor of a government bail-out for the ski industry, then you really need to take a closer look at what this country is all about and what makes it work. If people decide not to go skiing this year, for whatever reason, that's their prerogative. In my book, if I decide not to spend $60 for a lift ticket in Vail, then that's $60 in my pocket and not in Vail's. So instead of a loss for Vail's bank account, I see it as a gain for my account....the money isn't really lost as Dr.GO seems to view it, it's just not being transfered to where he expected it to go.

I think it's time people consider where the government bail-out money comes from....taxes. According to my pay stub, I pay a horrendous amount of taxes, which means I pay for government bail-outs. So the implementation of a bail-out of the ski industry would mean that my money would still end up in Vail's pocket, and I wouldn't even get a powder day out of it. Last time I checked, this was a free country. If people choose not to spend own money on skiing, then why should the spending be forced down everyone's throat through the use of a government grant or bail-out?

Unfortunately, the economy is cyclic in nature and will unavoidably have slow downs. Just because the agriculture industry currently receives grants, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do, and it definately doesn't mean the tourism industry should be given grants for a reduced number of snob-types flocking to Aspen this year. Free handouts do not make this country or economy strong, and businesses should not be dependent on them. If you really think that the government is going to save the tourism economy from a slow-down with a fat, free handout, get a grip. If the ski industry is entitled to a free handout, then it's only fair to give the auto industry one because they sell fewer cars, then the oil industry for selling less gas, then the pizza shops for selling less pizza.....hell, let's just bail everyone out of this recession.
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