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Who's Canadian Out there??

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Hey Everyone,

I'm new to the forum, and I just thought I say hello. Who else here is from Canada?

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I'm in Montreal, and am also relatively new to the forum. I've found it extremely useful and interesting thus far.

Spent a few weeks out your way on PEI this summer - in Little Pond, not far from Souris.

Where do you ski out your way?
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by exnyerinmontreal:

Where do you ski out your way?

On P.E.I we have a hill called Brookvale. 234 ft vertical with 10 runs . I've done a lot of skiing in the Maritimes as I raced on the Cavendish Cup Circuit, Quebec [img]smile.gif[/img] , and the North Eastern U.S. Oh, and how could I forget Newfoundland (Marble for the Canada Games in 1999, and the Atlantic Championships in '98)!

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I'm from Chelsea, Quebec, (near ottawa). I coach at edelweiss ski resort (not much of a resort). If you raced any Quebec Cup races you might have been there. We hold a FIS slalom mid season.
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Hello from the we(s)t coast. You get out this way much? I'm afraid I haven't been back East in years.
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Hello from Toronto!

Welcome to the forum!
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Hi from Grande Prairie, Alberta eh? (Northwest, near B.C. border)
I ski at Marmot Basin (Jasper), Sunshine, Lake Louise, Nakiska, Fortress and when I have more time for a trip also Fernie, Kimberly, if I`m really lucky Whitefish, Montana but our closest hill (of any merit) is Powder King, B.C. in the Pine Pass about a 3 1/2hr drive for us. Of all the places I ski Powder King has the best snow consistently.Its not highly developed but gets huge dumps of mostly dry powder and tree skiing for my level is the best anywhere. Not a lot of extremely steep terrain but a nice mix and about 2000ft vertical. For example we skied P.K. on Sunday and there had been 55cm of new snow on Saturday and it snowed about 10-15cm more during the day with temps about -2C. This was a large dump but they do happen several times a winter and you just have to be lucky enough to catch them.
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I'm from Ireland. Does that count?
If not, my cousin married a guy from Regina. So I have relations who are part Canadian.

I also know the words to the lumberjack song.

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How aboot the rest of you hosers, eh?
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I spent 8 years in Montreal. Moved to Vernon, B.C. last year. Am enjoying the mild Okanagan winters w/dry powder. Am on my way off to an afternoon of skiing at Silver Star so gotta run! Cheers!
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[quote]Of all the places I ski Powder King has the best snow consistently.QUOTE]

Right you are, Kenski. Ski Canada mag once rated the place as having the best snow in Canada, and I can't disagree, from my years living up in that area. But oh man, does it get cold! There are no ski clothing makers I know of that build garments with enough freedom of movement/insulation to handle those -30 and below temps. The absence of international airports within a 10hr drive will keep it a haven for die hard locals.

A few years ago, I used to ski a lot at Troll Mountain near Quesnel in central BC. Cold was a problem there too, but the real kicker was the world's second longest T-bar; 1400 vert ft for a 20 minute ride. Way more tiring going up than down. No one I knew could get more than 10 runs a day without being totally bagged. The whole hill was run by one guy named Lars. No liftees, just big red and green buttons to stop/start the lift if you had too. Lars wasn't so much in the ski business as the logging business, so there were plenty of runs cleared with no lift access, though a big map with "future lifts" was on the lodge wall. Nowadays, with the backcountry craze, perhaps Troll is a little more popular.

'nuff said for now.
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JR, right you are; it will probably remain a haven for diehard locals, but mainly for location reasons. I`m not sure if its global warming or what, but over the last 10yrs the temperatures at Powder King have not been that bad. When it gets down to -18C or so my wife won`t go downhill skiing (we get out the X-country equipment) and we have rarely had to cancell a PK trip in the last few years. Actually most of our skiing there has been done at temp of about -12C to -5C or so, not bad. Typically, when it is -20C at home near Grande Prairie, in the Pine Pass at Powder King it is often -10C or warmer. Yes the climate is apparantly changing. As for the "development" at Powder King it still has one triple chair going up about 1200ft vert. and then a T-bar for the other 800ft. T-bars are never restfull!

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I'm not Canadian but I have my ski place there.

I sure do appreciate y'all making that Meach Lake deal so that the Frenchies can decide every couple of years whether they are going to stick around or not.

We love the Northern Peso.

Just my 62ยข worth.
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I'm not sure if worldfishnski is really an American or just a Canadian making fun of Americans : :
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take off eh??
I am proud to be Canadian!
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Another Canuck here. I'm from Calgary, am 17 years old, and ski at Sunshine Village.
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I'm in Ontario. The skiing here is nothing like they enjoy in BC, but I suppose things could be worse -- Imagine living on the Saskatchewan praries!
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Another Maple head here...running a school down south...can't wait to move back to British California.
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Calgary here.
On the Sask. remark. See lots of sask. plates in the parking lots of Fortress ,Sunshine and LL. Banff is just a case of road pops away I guess.
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I'm from Calgary too.

WTFH - I'll nominate you for honorary Canadian status. Anyone who knows the Lumberjack Song fits right in.

All others - If you're female and understand the humour, I will worship you!!

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BTO, Guess Who, Neil Young .....grew up drinkin real beer ...hmmm Extra Old Stock...or Bohemian (Sask. only). Alberta born and bred , that should explain it.
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Another Calgarian here, by way of Ontario.

This forum is both educational and entertaining. A great place to spend some time.

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Newf in the house...where's the kitchen? Currently residing in Ottawa.

No, I haven't seen The Shipping News...yet.
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Hey this is a great topic for a first post. I'm Canadian.
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Alias derived from a beer commercial, enough said.
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I'm definitely not Canadian.

Just bucking the trend here.........
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Do day trips to Red and Whitewater count? How about a fine appreciation of the excellent exchange rate? : Or, the friendliness and willingness of the Canadians I've met to have a good time?

Irulan... just south of the BC border
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