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ACL tear, surgery, & rehab diary - Page 9

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that catching has gone away for the most part, just when my leg gets tired it catches, my doctor choked it up to just needing to build up my quad in my injuried leg a little more and wasn't concerned with it. So I'm not too worried about it. I think once I started doing a lot more cardio it help get my knee back in line and kind of sorted all the small things out.

I have actually never skied at snowshoe, I hear its good, just never made the trip. I think the only ones I've been to in this area are springs, wisp, hidden valley, laurel mountain (which is no longer) and that's about it.
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Zipper-line bumps!

Well sorry to keep this thing going, but this seemed an appropriate post and I need someplace to crow, so I thought of y'all

Just got back from a week in CO at Summit County. Skied Breck, Copper, Mary Jane, and Vail.

I'd always been more of a bump survivor rather than skier although I desperately wanted to be good at them. Due to a long skiing hiatus, and then the knee injury last yr, I hadn't been able to really try them in probably ten years. But I've been working on the basix all year since getting back from the surgery such as quick fall-line turns on groomed terrain (all that's available to me at home).

So when I got to Breck last week and took a run down Corsair (A black bump run off peak 10) I was disappointed to see that I looked, felt, performed the same as ten yrs ago. But I persevered and told myself that I could ski better than that and began to just focus on the basics like keeping my hands up and downhill and turning where I wanted. And on the third run there was this whole series of clicks (metaphorically, nothing to do with the knee...) and suddenly I found my self saying, hell, this is easy! Ok it was still hard work, but all of a sudden the whole technique thing came together and it was easy to control speed and turn exactly where I wanted. And so then I found myself going straight down the fall-line watching my skis negotiate the terrain below me while my upper body basically hovered over them floating down the mountain!

I did that the rest of the day, then again the next at Copper, mostly on Mine Dump, and then at Mary Jane, focusing on Super Gauge Trail and Rifleshot Notch. I even was able to get down the chutes at MJ with grace doing jump turns in the air! In one day mogul fields had gone from being a life-long nemesis to a fantastic playground that I couldn't get enough of!

I'd never experienced a breakthrough like that before in my life, and it was on my newly reconstructed knee as well, so doubly unexpected. The knee was sore by the end of the first day, but a couple Aleve took care of it and I was able to go three more days straight without any signficant problems. I had expected to be happy just to take it easy, but instead managed to ski harder than I ever have in my life. Today I'm back home and the knee feels fine.

Thanks for listening. I'm ecstatic. The end.
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I blew out the ACL in my L knee this past Monday at Taos. Conditions were perfect...8" fresh. I was demo'ing some ski's with Ma***r bindings and took a fairly low speed fall in a narrow, steep chute with hidden bumps. I don't remember the fall well, remember the POP though. Bindings did'nt release, I slid downhill for awhile...you know the rest of the story.

MRI and xrays yesterday, will procede based on those results. No insurance and heartbroken but looking forward to next season.

I want to thank you all for the many pages of posts...they provide me with invaluable encouragement and direction....THANKS!!!!
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Sorry about your accident. Hope all goes well from here on. My ACL surgery is scheduled for next week, so I feel for you.
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I think I'll need to spend some time reading through this thread. Thanks for sharing your story faisasy - I remember your post about the accident.

Just got diagnosed with a blown ACL and sparined MCL myself - happened 6 days ago at Loveland. I can walk, barely, but the doc who looked at me is concerned about my inability to flex the knee - maybe just swelling (it's still fairly swollen), or tissue lodged in the knee. MRI is scheduled for 4 days from now, rehab 5, and follow eval a week from now.

From what I've read, surgery is not a foregone conclusion. I'm just turning fifty and a mid-intermediate, no bumps. I've seen accounts of people skiing on a blown ACL, and other skiing with a brace.

This is a journey I never wanted to take, but I'm encouraged by reading so many success stories.
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