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Originally Posted by BushwackerinPA View Post
Looks like summer needs to get here fast:

That's how I roll out of bed in the morning.
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Not bad. Get your skis to end up pointed in the direction they were originally pointed. The idea is to still be moving downhill when you finish the maneuver, not coming to a stop. When this move was in it's heyday, the wet look ski clothes were in vogue, allowing more glide through the apex of the turn.
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Is that the apex?

I recall a colleague in 1973 who was quite good at throwing a worm turn into a run through the bumps. He had to quit when he broke a collar bone doing one.
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Worm turn!

Due to the inherent safety risk involved in this maneuver (trying to get up after a "fall" risks knee damage), I must advise everyone to not attempt this trick at home. Josh - you need to add "done by a professional on a closed course" in small print, just the like car ads.

The roll and the get up are expertly performed. However, there's not much "turn" in this worm turn. We'd like to see the skis going one direction across the fall line at the start, then going the other direction across the fall line at the finish. That will put the "turn" into your worm turn.

A little known classic. Well done!
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telerod15 had it right on this one... You should be able to maintain some glide during the roll, and your skis should be pointed in the direction of travel during the follow through....

There was never really any direction change intended in this manuever....
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Maybe work up to it by bouncing off your hip without the roll, on a steeper pitch of course.
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Well I'm glad to see you're getting up now!
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Toooooooo much rotation!------Wigs
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