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Hi everyone first posted this in the wrong place so i've re-posted it here

it's my first gear review so would appriciate any feedback

managed to get my hands on a brand new pair of Scott Aztec pro 2008 model in 175cms and have just tested them in Gargellen , Austria.Thought you guys might want to know how they performed.

give you a bit about the skier - 224 lbs male 6ft . Ski level low end advanced.

Okay here goes - skied these all week and experienced spring snow (corn snow for you Americans) had fresh powder , off piste on the Madrisa steilhang which is a black diamond off piste route , on piste carving,wind affected snow and ice.So pretty much everything.

ON PISTE - i was suprised at how stable the skis were at speed and how quick they were .They were great at carving with a tight radius of 14-15m they took an edge well and carved up groomers beautifully.In the morning when the piste was icy i had no problem they gripped really well . In the afternoon skiing through the spring snow slush they powered through well but here i experienced the only problem with them. When going fast carving through corn snow the skis tended to grab when changing direction.It was if they would be in a nice carve and then the outer ski wouldn't release easily when changing direction. I wondered if it was my technique(but i haven't experienced it on any other skis) or if it was caused by the Aztecs double radius system where the front half of the ski is at a different radius to the back.Overall though great ski's on piste and can also bash the crud nicely

OFF PISTE - here they really did excel . i had one day of powder probably 20-30cm fell overnight and they loved it ! Float was exceptional considering my size . On the Madrisa steilhang we found lovely powder bowls that had been untouched and untracked slopes coming off the Madrisa.The sun had warmed them up nicely and these skis really felt at home laying down nice carved turns on the slopes and floating nicely on the top of the heavish spring snow.Had to do alot of treking to the best slopes and they traversed nicely and confidently dealt with tight turns on steep icy wind effected pitches.

Well as you may guess i really liked these skis- as a one ski option for european conditions these are outstanding .I could out perform guys on piste based skis in there own enviroment and then take them off piste with full confidence - didn't experience any deep fluffy powder so can't tell you how they would perform in that -but in spring off piste snow - awesome.

if you get a chance to demo a pair do ! I own mine and it's best purchase ski wise i've made in a long time.


p.s the graphics are very cool too - black with an Aztec indian Sun stenciled on and the name in the same type of script