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Originally Posted by iceage View Post

What a painful ridiculous thread, filled with misconceptions and arguments that make no sense. 


So, a pretty typical Epic thread then?  :D

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I find it somewhat difficult to carve cleanly most Nastar courses I try.  For me, it serves a great purpose. 


Without having tried Nastar several times, over several seasons, I probably would not be racing Masters and having the incredible fun I am having now.  I ski WAY better now than ever before and Nastar played a part in it. 


Sure, it needs overhauled but I'd hate to see it disappear.

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Originally Posted by Skierish View Post


So, a pretty typical Epic thread then?  :D


Yea I guess but have a hard time not posting when it gets this bad. I should resist the urge I know.


I just do not understand what Tog actually wants instead of Nastar. Something like a dedicated race department with coaches setting up courses for the general public and promoting people to race?  Join your local race club if that is what you want but do not expect ski areas to put ANY more money then what they do right now with Nastar and race teams to promote racing. 


And then there is this claim that nastar is flat everywhere or that the courses are easy everywhere, it is just not true. I am not saying that you have a "birds of prey" type course anywhere but is that what you actually want?  Are you saying that those that can get their gold/platinum or go to nationals do not understand racing?   

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Twelve year old bait hooks a monster LOL!

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LOL, we dropped NASTAR...  so we could build more terrain parks!  & this from an area rich with ski racing heritage & ski racers, along with hosting the speed events during the 2002 Olympics.



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We also dropped NASTAR.  In it's place we have an in house race setup.  I think it's cool even though I rarely use it.  The course tends to be pretty good, it's set by a crew of race rats and is head to head so you can race your buddy, your kid, or your instructor:eek.  There is no tie in to the national standard, but times are kept and you can compare your time to the other times for the day.  As an instructor, I can run the course and take my students in at no charge.

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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post

Whoa, a twelve year old zombie thread.


^^^^^ way to resurrect a horrible old zombie thread "Clark Griswald"...

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