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Best wiper blades?

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The new Subie's wiper blades are terrible! The worst I've ever used. So, have you found blades that work well, especially in snow and/or freezing rain conditions? Which ones have you found to work best?
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I like the Bosch microedge blades

Trico makes a pretty good winter blade too.

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the new Rain X blades are downright magic. i've been irrittated by bad blades, especially winter for too many years and tried these a month or so ago. not sure how long they'll last, but they are so much better i may want to buy stock in the company!

i got em through the website, i believe, but not sure.

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I use plain old winter Anco blades. They work fine, and I replace them every season. They are also cheap as dirt.
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I need something too. WTFH and I drove over Carson Pass, Luther Pass, and around the lake in that last blizzard. We were reaching out the window to lift the wipers and break off the ice from the metal. Just awful. Turn up the defroster and the mess got thicker. Turn it down and the windows froze. That was the worst visibility I can remember.

Holiday, I've seen the ads and will give them a try.
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Oh Steve, I ment to tell you. Don't expect much live out of the Subaru wipers, they stink.
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Trico Innovision

I heard some positive things about these all season blades which have no moving parts to freeze up in the winter. I put them on three different vehicles this season. The performance was pretty good - not as good as Anco Winter blades but better than ordinary blades. They are also much more streamlined than the typical winter blades.
However on two occasions, I had wipers fail - mounting hardware broke. Both times were in winter snowstorms. Fortunately, I had the original factory wipers in the car on the first occasion and on the second occasion the passenger wiper failed and I wasn't too far from a NAPA where I bought Anco Winter blades.
Although the Trico blades look better than the Anco Winter blades, it seems as though they still have some durability issues. I'm back to the bulky looking, but durable Anco blades.
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Anco Winters are great. They have a rubber cover over the wiper springs which prevent the entire wiper unit from freezing stiff. At $6.00 per wiper they are cheap enough to replace each year. They only problem with them is the cover acts as a wing that lifts the blades off the window when driving high speeds so be sure to swap them out for summer.
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awsome, but not cheap..

So, to follow since i see that people are still talking about these other terrible things... the only, i say only drawback, i've seen on these new inventions by rain x is they are not cheap. i see 6$ blades above, these were around $25 each, depending on size. but compare that to being able to see and it's it's a bargain, i'll tell more people how great i think these are and how damn picky and i am, but not until i transfer some money into the company .

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My husband nearly had a stroke when I told him it cost me 40.00 for wiper blades but I was tired of the miserable issues with michigan salty roads.

I got the trico blades( or something like them) and have had them on my Jeep for a year. Still like new. I'd say they are the best blades I've ever had on any vehicle.
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I thought you had Silblades?
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
I thought you had Silblades?
Honestly they are a year old and I can't remember.
I do know they cost 40.00, they are on piece with no hinge points and they still work great after a year's use.
What can I say?
Ask me about the dimensions of all my skis.........That I know!!!
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
What can I say?!
Streaking? Lifting at speed? Do they break ice, float over it, or shed it when it forms over them? Resilient enough to break crusty birdstuff? Dirt shedding? Discoloration? Effects of window treatments like RainX?
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Hey, Holiday, which Rain-x product are you talking about?
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I need new blades too and I'll probably end up trying rain-x. However, I don't replace both at a time, I just replace the drivers side and move the old one over to the passenger side. I so rarely ever have to look through the passenger side of the windshield, so it saves me money overall and allows me to justify spending more on blades.
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Originally Posted by Kneale Brownson View Post
Hey, Holiday, which Rain-x product are you talking about?
Latitude Wiper blade. Check it out on their website. They've had commercials all over TV lately.
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The rain-x ones seem to be the best value, 8 dollars at the local Autozone and well performing. Barring price, maybe those fancy Bosch silicone wipers, but I didn't want to spend 25 bucks!
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Anco winter blades every fall and Anco regular blades every spring. They're cheap and they work great. Six months of exposure to sun, dirt, wind, ice, etc is about all you ask for for $6.00 each. Streaking and skipping are usually caused by road grime on the windshield, but blamed on the wipers. Use glass cleaner and scrub it, including where the blades rest when not in use, once in a while. Constantly grinding in dirt doesn't do them any good. This is especially important when you put new blades on. Auto mechanics do this to customer's cars so they don't come back with complaints. What seems like a lifetime or two ago I was an auto mechanic and yes, on occasion, people actually wanted us to replace the blades for them.
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
Someone needs some serious help.
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The Bosch Silicone wipers work very well. They also sell replacement inserts for about $10 so you can just replace those every year or two.

Every winter, I buy the cheapest pair of 'winter' wipers I can find. By 'winter' I mean they have the rubber boot over the entire blade arm so it doesn't get all iced up. I've found that this makes a huge difference.
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I'm thinking female backup vocals
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