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Kirkwood Easter

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Spring snow, celebrating Easter, eggs, corn, and thanks for Heaven on Earth.

Anyone else?
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I'll be at Kirkwood tomorrow (Saturday) and Monday. No Sunday for me in the current plans. I believe you have my number, so give me a call if you can make it up either of those days.
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abertsch, I had plans to be up there skiing Saturday but they got delayed. I will be driving up Saturday instead, skiing Sunday and Monday maybe Tuesday.

You can get me on my cell phone and we will have radios on 11-7. Give me a call and we can ski some on Monday. I've got some new used skis. I did the brake widening on them today and they are ready to taste some spring corn.
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Ok. turns out I'm going to be up Sat-Sun-Mon now. I'll see you up there.
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Abertsch I'm at the mountain club this weekend, but I am not in my unit so I don't have radio's sorry. We are going to try to get in there and if I do I will have them then.

Otherwise it's cell phone com. I'll turn it on now. It's been off since I lost signal out of Jackson.
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Hey, Cell service was nonexistent for me today at Kirkwood. I'm in Carson City tonight. I'll give you a call in a few to see about linking up. I guess even spamming the board this much we aren't going to get anyone else to jump in.

I didn't bring my radio, so we may be a little challenged hooking up if my cell continues to not work. Hopefully we can coordinate a time/place.

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Okay, radios are out. Cell phones are nil. Lets plan on meeting in or around chair 6 at 10am if I don't hear from you. I'll be running sentinel before then and trying to hit the bottom at 10am.

Blue helmet, drab blue pants, white dynastar skis inspired bigs.

There has to be an easier way to meet up.
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Easter Sunday, the front side was crusted up and we headed over to the back side to have some fun. Around 11 we headed over to the frontside.

We will probably do the same thing tomorrow, Monday.
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I'll be there tomorrow (Monday.) Black pants, brown da kine hoody, orange boots, blue and white skis.
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Originally Posted by AndrewSwitch View Post
I'll be there tomorrow (Monday.) Black pants, brown da kine hoody, orange boots, blue and white skis.
Ok. I'll have my radio tomorrow. Channel 11-7 as per usual. Meeting Larry at chair 6 at 10am if we don't hook up earlier. I'll be in black pants, black giro 9 helmet, white/orange camelback backpack. Most likely brown fleece top, but maybe green jacket if temps are cold. Orange/Gold Atomic Metron X skis and electric yellow technica boots. Oh, and I'm 6'7". See you guys there.

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Change of plans

Meeting chair 4 at 10am. Larry says the backside was better early today, and likely to be the same again. Chair 4 10am.

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Good to meet up with you and your gang of 4. Conditions were pretty good considering. I was able to ski the whole day without getting stuck in the sludge and slush. It was getting pretty sloppy the last few runs though. A-S sorry we missed you.

It's hot tub time! Let's try to get a few more days in this season.
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Definitely on a few more days. Actually ran in to A-S on the way to the parking lot. I happened to ski up next to him and he recognized me. We'll have to hook up again. See you next time!

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I had a ton of fun exploring the mountain on my own. But yeah - maybe next time I can even get to the meeting point on time.
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