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I had a nightmare last night that awoke me in a sweat. I dreamt that it was 80 degrees, the grass was a foot tall and I was about to get out my mower. :
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I have had to mow mine twice so far, it sucks. Prediction for this weekend in PNW --up to 40 inches of snow in the Mts.
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all of our bulbs are up in the garden, and the trees are getting buds alergies? check. it has been a strange winter, decent snow, but too warm... and they say global warming isn't happening :
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coldest winter since the 70's in N.E.

rain todat though

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Almost everynight I have a nightmare that all the snow has melted. I'm beginning to think that I have some latent desire for spring.
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I can hear the surf WITHOUT holding a shell to my ear ....
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Originally posted by man from oz:
I can hear the surf WITHOUT holding a shell to my ear ....
I can surf with my keyboard and mouse, and with them I can surf anywhere, far away, so close, Miami, New Orleans, Sydney, Belfast, and back home. And you too can go there if you want.

Actually I can hear the surf as well without the shell. Damn 80s heavy metal. I should have turned the volume down like my mum said.


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