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Apache Strykers

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Anyone have these or tried them. I picked up a pair to replace my old crossmax's. Wondering about other's opinions on them. Damn stable in the corn and slush we had recently.
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Just tried them myself

I thought they were fantastic. This is what I wrote on another thread:

Conditions at Heavenly Fri. and Sat. weren't ideal as there were coverage issues, so I pretty much stayed on-trail. I skied some hard and soft groomers and crud along with a trivial amount of icy moguls and crusted off-trail stuff mixed in.

According to reviews, the Stryker was probably the best soft snow ski in the group I have been looking at (Crossfire and AC2, and maybe the AMC 73), so I skied it to see if it would be good enough on trail for me. I wasn't disappointed. It did everything I asked it to do - short to long turns, it was forgiving and stable yet still lively enough for me, and it could be turned from anywhere. It handled groomers and crud easily. I could cruise if I wanted, or I could ski aggressively.

I haven't sampled a lot of skis, so the only thing I can really compare it to is the 05/06 AC3 at 170. The AC3 carved well and I found it to be plenty stable, but it's a different animal and expectedly would sort of fight me when trying to make shorter turns. The Stryker does have less edge grip than the AC3 (although I thought it handled the hard snow just fine), but that also meant that I could also break off turns and when I wanted to.

Sierra Jim was right - the Stryker was just easy to ski. I suppose there could be better skis out there, but I found what I was looking for.
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I really took a gamble when I bought these without demoing them. I did try the ac-3 and did not like them, hard to short turn them but they did hold well on ice. Only prob is figuring out how to get them to work in the moguls. They are more work than the max's but I should get it down in time. Heavy bastards though, 14.5 lbs.
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I gambled, too. I was planning on demo-ing a few, but I just couldn't pass up the deal.

I'm super happy with the purchase, though. I traded off some things from the AC3, but they're things I'm willing to sacrifice (hard snow grip, for example) in order to get the benefits the AC3 was lacking, namely shorter turns. The Stryker was really forgiving and could be turned from anywhere, but I also didn't think the AC3 was too demanding last year. This year would most likely be a different ball game, and I'm glad that was pointed out to me on this board.

The Strykers weren't ideal on the brief time I spent on moguls so I'll definitely need to practice, but moguls aren't really my priority. Again, trade-offs.

I worried about the weight, which is why I also considered the AC2, but I didn't think it was much of an issue when I skied it other than maybe a little nimbleness in the moguls.

I found the ski stable enough for me, but I'm sure others can push it past its limit.
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Tommorow I'm going to find out how they do on hardpack. Suprised you found them lacking in this area. They don't have much sidecut and are pretty stiff. They have to be better than the max's in this regard. Hope so at least.
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I should clarify that I thought they were great on the hard early morning stuff I skied. I was impressed.

I think the AC3 has more edge grip, but I thought neither was lacking in that area. I did find the Stryker to be more versatile and a better fit for me.

Hope you enjoyed them over the weekend.
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Tried them out on 3" of pow over solid ice...and they worked very well. Even through the ice moguls they held a lot better than the max's. Think I'm going to like these.
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