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I 495 in Mass

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A tractor trailer carrying barrels of dye used to dye landscaping bark mulch dumped four barrels on I495 a couple days ago.
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I'm guessing that since the image is hosted on the Boston Herald web-site (not exactly a standard-bearer of truthful journalism) and that since I live within spitting distance of 495 and didn't hear about this, and since "a couple days ago" was April Fool's... I'm guessing this "red road" incident didn't really occur.
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From boston.com, the Boston Globe website:

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

I-495 reopens in Littleton after dye spill colors road reddish orange

By Globe Staff
All lanes of Interstate 495 reopened in Littleton this morning after a truck spilled liquid dye overnight that closed the road when it colored a 1,500-foot stretch of the highway reddish orange, State Police reported.
Delays on the interstate continued, however, as drivers slowed to look at the unusual color of the roadway.
The road closed Tuesday night at about 10:15 when a truck heading north spilled several containers of the dye that covered the interstate and several vehicles. Police identified the driver of the 2005 Kenworth tractor-trailer as James Simonds, 39, of Springfield, Vt.
No injuries were reported. The spill remains under investigation, police said.
Posted by the Boston Globe City & Region Desk at 11:49 AM
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I can't stand the Herald. I only cited it because it had the best pic.

Here's another.

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Allrighty then! I stand corrected. A friend of mine is on the Littleton ambulance and fire dept. squads. He either hears about (via his scanner) or is fully involved in cleaning up big wrecks, but I hadn't heard about this one from him. So I assumed it was an April Fool's Day joke. I'll have to get some details! This sounds like a doozy.
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Hey maybe it was deliberate - for the Red Sox opener, and they just got the color a little wrong.

And a week early. Maybe they'll try again for Tuesday's home opener.
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Comparing the two photos, it looks like the Herald may
have "juiced" the color balance on the first one.

Anybody see it in person and know how bright it was?
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I went through there yesterday and the highway was indeed still stained red.
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yeah luckily I was carpooling last week - some guys got in and immediately needed a carwash - worried about paint etc. Took an extra 45 mins to get in though - enormous backup ....

Well at least the roadside looks like pine bark mulch now
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