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How much range the Rossignol Axial 2 bindings can be adjusted

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for different sole length?

Yes, I just got a pair Elan M777s, said in another topic. I also have a pair Rossignol Axial 2 120 Ti Pro WB bindings got from SAC earlier. So I will mount these bindings on these skis without saying.

The question is, I'm buying boots too, no later before next winter. And my coming new boots will absolutely smaller than my current pair. At lease one size, maybe two. That means the sole length will be shorten by 1~2cm. If I want to mount them now, with my current boots, how much can I adjust later to adapt new boots? The heel piece of the Axial 2 has some range to adjust alone a short rail, maybe more than 2cm. Can I mount them at the farest end and adjust later to the another end? I checked the Rossi Axial binding tech manual, and also asked the guy in the ski shop. Sounds possible, although the range's limited. But I'm not sure if possible for 2cm? and will the performance be affected if mount heel piece far end at the rail?

Any suggestion? Thanks a lot!
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You go it.

With a normal mount you should have enough adjustment to go 1 shell size up or down. If you might go w/ a boot 2 shell sizes smaller then see if you can get them mounted at the far back spot. If my experiences are any indication getting the shop dude to pull that off properly might be a stretch.

An easier way should be to have the shop mount for any boot in their shop that's 1 size down from you and have the shop center for that, that way you SHOULD be able to go back to your current boots and forward for 2 shell sizes down....assuming they center it nice, of course.

If you know a GOOD shop person discuss it with them, they should be able to work with it.
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Mounting the skis now, knowing your boots are going to be smaller assures an incorrect mount point. I'd wait it out, mount the new skis after buying new boots.
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Originally Posted by Vansnow View Post
+-21mm from the centered position, meaning a total of 42mm of fore-aft adjustment range. (This is measured on the tracks of a pair Look PX12's.) That said, this does not take into account the 2-notches-or-so that the binding has to be moved up to give you the right forward pressure.

I'd listen to Whiteroom. You should wait until you have your correct-fitting boots. You don't want to be at the extreme end of any binding track adjustment if you don't have to be.

Also, you might have problems convincing a shop to do what X-EastCoaster suggested. I was in a somewhat comparable situation just a month ago. I'm currently running fitter-fitted all-around boots, but I'd been playing with the idea of moving one shell size down in a race boot with a sole length difference of only 8mm. I figured I could ask a shop to mount the binding -4mm-or-so so that both boots will sit pretty squarely in the center on the binding track. The first shop (REI, not a small independent shop) I went to would not do it for liability reasons even though the tech understood what I was trying to do. The second shop I went to, the tech had to get permission from the shop owner to accept this deviation from SOP (which is that you mount the bindings for the boots that are provided) in order to do what I wanted. If I got this much resistance for what I was trying to do, I would imagine that most shops would have a real problem with what you're trying to do.
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Thank you all. Eastcoaster gave me a very good engineering solution, and Whiteroom got a logical conclusion. I appreciate both.

Mounting point is my concern too, I'm going to mount them by BOF, smaller boots will move the BOF forward. I'd better wait.

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Another question, will you use the lifters come whith the bindings? I know the functions of lifters. But, what said:

Rossignol recently refined the torsional stiffness on their high-end performance bindings to reduce play between your boot and the binding. The increased 40% stiffness translates to remarkable power transmission and enhanced responsiveness. The Axial 2 120 Ti Pro Wide Brake Bindings also have a new reinforced Dual Action III toe piece case that holds up to heavy use while strengthening the binding torsion bar interface, giving you more torsional rigidity in the toe piece when you need it most--which is usually whenever you're going faster or landing harder than you anticipated.
Then ends up puting them on these cheap ABS plastics? That seems ridiculous.
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If you don't use the lifters, you will probably need to get shorter screws or grind the stock screws (carefully). For the 777 and the kind of skiing it's geared for, I would probably go with as little lift as possible. The real question is how much is the lift? It may be perfectly acceptable as is.

I also wouldn't mount until you have the new boots, especially since you are talking about a possible major boot size change (two sizes? really?) and that is some uncertainty at this point. Even changing boot models/brands with the same size can chew up 4mm of adjustment sometimes. If you want to mount BOF, that is really dependent on the boot.

Good luck! BTW, those are some great skis.
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FWIW, I also got the Rossi Axial2 from SAC. The were mounted 'as is' on Legend 8000s, and I did not find any need for additional lift. Very responsive combo, for me anyway.

Originally Posted by Vansnow View Post
I checked the Rossi Axial binding tech manual
Is the manual available as a PDF and can you send me a link?

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My Axial2 came with 2 plastic pieces underneath which I indentified as heel lifter and toe lifter. The heights of these plastics are 6mm although the heel is 6mm higher than toe already. The screws need to be shorten if I don't use the plastics while if these cheap materials do well to the bindings I would use them for better lateral leverage. Thanks!

BTW, I found the PDF copy of Rossi/Look bindings technical manual at here
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Thanks for the links.

Vansnow, my bindings were mounted on the included plastic bases.
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Thank you for sharing your experience, Alpinord. I will be as well use these plates. I might have over worried too much.
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