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Mojo 90 176 or 186 for me?!?!

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Im 6'1" 200#s. I ski hard, and I can ski ANYTHING. I want something that I can take in the mogules and the trees (where my old skis did not excel) but I also ski powder and a little bit of terrain park.

My old skis were High Society FR 178cm. Their measurements were 124/92/114. I want something that will turn on a dime compaired to those but still be durable and somewhat stiff.

I was told that the mojos ski as if they were shorter then what they tell you they are, but even so, 186 just seems like a BIG ski. -Oh yea, most of my skiing will be done here in colorado. In the southwest and also on the front range.

so, 176 for me or 186?

Im a level 9
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186's or 193's for sure. The mojo's ski short and have a very forward mount point. 200lbs you could easily use the 193's
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at your size and aggressiveness you should probably look for a beefier ski. The 186 mojo90 is great for smaller guys and less aggressive skiers....the 176 is for girls ...nobody really skis the 193, I wonder if the flex is weird for that length.

Sounds like you have athleticism on your side so my advice would be to get a bigger ski that is perhaps a bit above your head to begin with (189 Squad, right Phil ). If you NEED a twinny for some park look at the 189 K2 Seth....bumps might be a bear though but that's always a comprimise.
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I'm 180# & the 176cm would be my choice for an all-mountain ski with emphasis on moguls and trees. At your weight, though, I'd lean towards 186cm. I think the Mojo 90 is a very good choice for what you are looking for. (The Seths are clunky in moguls compared to the Mojos.)
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Originally Posted by Rio View Post
(The Seths are clunky in moguls compared to the Mojos.)
Well put...but the Seths are sooooo much smoother and more powerful everywhere else...again, it's always comprimise. fwiw - I'm 6' 175 and the 186 mojo wasn't nearly enough ski for me, twas great in bumps though. I just think a 200 pound aggressive level 9 in the rockies does not belong on the 186 mojo.
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humm. well, my High Societys were similar to the Seths in demensions and flex.

what would you guys suggest. I really kinda want something that will do well in the mogules. I also want something that is bombproof. And I want a twintip. I was thinking Volkl Karma or Gatoma. What do you think about the wednesday or the 3.Zero here:


Whatabout Line Prophet 100s?
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I didn't read your itnitial post very well...

...sounds like you want something more nimble than your current ski (which I don't know anything about other than dimensions). I'm thinking more narrow is the way to go to speed it up edge-to-edge. Public Enemy (179), Karma (185) & mojo 90 (186 no doubt) seem like the way to go but they're not that much skinnier than your HSs...maybe even something skinnier would be the ticket, like those Salomon CR Johnson Lab 1080s that have been selling online for $200 (only comes in a 180 I believe) - supposed to be $$ in the bumps. The problem with these is they don't do nearly as well in the deeper, softer snow than the wider ones but bumps and nimbleness seem to be your priorities.

The wednesday has roughly the same dimensions as your current sticks...the 3.Zero is way fat so that won't be nearly quick enough. The Gotama is 105mm at the waist so that would be much slower in bumps. I've heard the Prophet 90 (and the Chronic Blend, supposedly same ski) are very versatile, easy quick skis - but again, maybe not much different than what you have.

How stiff are your High Societies?
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my high societys are somewhat stiff for a twintip meant for BC and park and all mountain.

As long as you guys dont think I will have trouble doing occational powder/BC on the Mojo 90 186, it sounds like that is the ski for me. The mojo is thinner underfoot then my High Societys but it is wider tip to tail. I think that sounds ideal.

ideally eventually, I will get wider bigger skis for the real powder days.
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The 186 for sure. At 6' 175, I am fine with my Girlie ( )176's but I do wish they came in a 182. I am more of a novice in Off-piste conditions so I imagine that by the end of next season I will want to go longer (yes, a reason for another ski purchase) They are great soft snow skis but you are correct that you will want a wider ride for real dumps.
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cool, thanks^ I saw your review. sounds like the 186 is the ski I am looking for right now...
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Will you get a chance to take them out this season? If yes, I am curious to read your impression.
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Originally Posted by Finndog View Post
Will you get a chance to take them out this season? If yes, I am curious to read your impression.
I should. might just be back country stuff though.

-looks like I will get atleast a day in at Wolf Creek; they are reopening this next saterday and the saterday after that. Might ski Silverton one day as well.
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Took them BC up Colbank pass. The snow was powder but kind of heavy. I like the shape to these skis. I was able to trun fairly quickly. I thought they would be more on the stiff side then they are. Oh well; they are fairly more stiff then my old skis. I took them off a drop which was only about 8 feet, landing in fresh powder. To be honest I really didnt get a chance to get to used to riding the Head Mojo 90s before my run was done. We would have hiked it a second time, but it was getting late. I'll write something more complete in the reviews section after I ski at Wolf Creek this Saturday. Its looking good they have a 96 inch base and they are closed until then so no one will ski anything off!
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