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All mtn ski - salomon scarlets?

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Hi again. It looks like i'm going to triple the size of my 'quiver' with in the period of a couple of weeks. BUT i can't resist! I've just picked up a pair of salomon 155cm equipe 10 SC for short radius carving (mostly to play with sl turns on and to have something that will match my kids skis radius (I coach))

NOW i'm looking for my second ski. I'm 170 lbs, 5 foot 7, expert skier, ski in the eastern half of the rockies. Previous the only shaped skis I'd skied on were a pair of volant Ti Power 180cm, and when i broke those, a pair of Head Cyber Cross Ti @ 180 (only thing available, and I'm ready to regulate to rock ski status). Off groomers - love to play in bumps (all about skiing the fast line fast), we get perhaps 10 true powder days a year, and then its hunting for scraps in tracked out trees. Ventured into the park for the first time ever this year and feel like i could really like it (total new challange).

I've thought:
Rossi B2: Pros: reviewers all seem to love it as an 'all mtn' ski. Con: Not twin tips, expensive

K2 PE. Pros: TT, reviewers seem to love it, less $. Cons ??? (ok I dislike the graphics and that everyone seems to have them, but i'm willing to over look that)

Not sure how either of them do in the bumps. Haven't actually tried either.
Between these two i was leaning towards K2 PE @ 169

Then i had a chance to demo a pair of last years salomon scarlets @ 165 (on a powder day). Lightly used. Could get for maybe 300 USD (with bindings).
Pros: I could *rip* these skis through powder. Way easier than either the volants or the heads - niether of which i could manoever quick enough to be able to confidently ski truly gnarly stuff. Bumps as well - mostly a function of the increase manoverability i expect - i didn't find they held that great of a grip on the 'ice solid bumps' . More pros: TT. and so freaking light. The amount of control i had over them was insane. Doubled my speed through trees. From my research they are substantially lighter than either the B2s or the K2PEs - and I really really liked how light they were (although i realize this will be a con when the snow's heavy & chopped)

Concerns: Am I going to break these skis (especially in the park)? Are they too much of a powder ski to be my all mtn ski in my functionally 2 ski quiver (and this is it - I'm not buying another pair !! . Didn't really try them on groomers/ hard pack (and not really why i'm buying them, but if they can't hold a decent edge on a groomer, that would make them less attractive). I wasn't a huge fan of being so wide under foot, but then again these are the first 'fat' skis i've ever skied on so i'm willing to believe i'd just have to get used to them. Similarly, they felt a bit short. But that might be from going from 180 to 165 TT. And if the 165 is what is giving me the manoverability then ... have i mentioned how much i loved the manoeverability?

Any thoughts? A ski i've overlooked? I honestly don't think I can go too badly with either the B2s or the PE ... but those scarlets took me totally by surprise.
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Try these...I met this chick named Picabo who seemed to really like them...(left pair- that's another whole story... I'll get to it over the looong hot summer...) great all mountain hard snow, crud, powder rippers. Easy to ski and lightning quick. A little stiff for bumps but who buys fatties for bump skis?...
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That Scarlet is SOFT...it felt good to you initally but I bet it ends up not having enough oomph for you in the long run. The Mantra is a good suggestion from Mr Crab (177 if you fly, 170 for more maneuverability). The vokl Karma is a bit more narrow (87mm waist) but would be quicker in bumps and be more versatile when it gts firm (go 177).

My wife has the 169 PE which she loves it when it's frozen...super easy to ski and quick in the bumps (though she's never really skied a zipper line per se)...I should have got her the 174cm size though (she's 5'8"/145) and they're not very good in pow.

When it's pow, soft chop, spring goo, etc my wife skis the 179 Seth Vicious....super easy to turn, super floaty, super stable and powerful at high speeds....more of a big turn ski and it's got a 98mm waist so they are difficult when it's firm and in bumps though.

So the answer is you need 2 more skis

In leiu of that, I'm thinking the Karma or the Head Mojo 90 (or the Sweet Phat Thang...same ski, women's graphics) would be perfect. 177 for the karma and since you liked the shorter salmon I'd lean you toward the 176cm mojo but really you could probably ski the 186 (no joke). Mount the mojo 2cm behind the line.
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The woman's version of the Mantra is the Aura. I know that Ms. StormDay loves hers. The Queen Attiva, slightly narrower, could also be a good choice. Price at SierraJim's shop, www.sierrasnowboard.com, is $347.50.

The realskiers.com folks seem to love the Scarlet. SierraJim has them for $400.

My wife demoed the B2W against the Dynastar Exclusive Legend last weekend on SierraJim's suggestion, and found the B2W dead. But if you like the B2W, Jim has them for $364.50.

You may also want to look at the Rossi Dirty Bird or Hip Chick, which, rumor has it, are essentially identical to the B2 series. They are marketed for telemarkers, but reportedly can be mounted alpine, have better graphics (imho), and are usually cheaper than the alpine version. Backcountry.com has both the Dirty Bird and the Hip Chick for $255 shipped.

My wife loved the Legend so much that we bought a pair earlier this week. If SierraJim is out of them, check with Start Haus in Truckee, www.starthaus.com, who were blowing them out for $270 in the shop (although the website shows them as more expensive, so I'd give them a call). If you want something wider, think about the Exclusive Legend Powder, which Jim has for $362.50.
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thanks for the info. It collectively caused me to spend at least four hours on the interent googling reviews and looking up various skis/prices across on line stores. the mantras @ 170 would probably be perfect (as much as i'd like to believe getting a longer pair would result in me being transported to the Alaskan mountains with their huge open steeps, such is not the reality i live in). Mantras are tough to find though (and not true TT, although that's not a deal breaker for me). Really intereseted in the B2/telemark information. Makes sense that telemark skis would be priced differently even if in essence they were the same ski. To the extent that there are slight differences, if i decide to go the B2 route, i think i' d be fine with that for the cost savings. The Head Mojo 90s sound great on paper!! and 359 at backcountry, means they are getting close to being an affordable option (although not a 193 cm!).

Choices choices choices!

Also found a pair of atomic sugar mamas for 323 USD on backcountry.com. Appeals to me as a powder ski with a narrower waist (for bumps). Although question - if i ski bumps in a way that is basically just ... bouncing off them, do i need a narrow waist ski? There isn't a whole lot of carving going on. I do like a strong edge grip though, so i can hold my line / control on ice bumps. Thanks again for the info above.
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...get on this...


again, this is the same ski as the mojo 90 just womens graphics. Sick deal WITH BINDINGS
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Originally Posted by X-EastCoaster View Post

...get on this...


again, this is the same ski as the mojo 90 just womens graphics. Sick deal WITH BINDINGS
Definitely a sick deal, and definitely closer to the length she should be skiing for this genre of skis.
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just bought them. Couldn't resist. Although I do think they are going to be a good ski for me. 176 on a TT (skis short) should be fine, and I'm actually pretty pleased with the waist width giving me both bump and powder option. ALSO the women specific ski is apparently quite a bit lighter than the men's ski, and I'm all about a light ski.

The only thing is that i can't have them tomorrow!!!!! Thanks guys, my quiver is complete. :P
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It is the SAME ski as the mens mojo 90...so no weight difference but they are both decently light.

Mount them BACK 2cm!!! Do a search here, theres much discussion about this.
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i'll read the discussion, but i probably will mount a bit back - they aren't for groomers afterall!!

Thanks again!
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