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Dobermann Pro 100

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Anybody knows if the 07 Dobermann Pro 100 is exactly same fit as Pro 130 and Hot Rod? I have once tried Hot Rod Top Fuel and Dobie Pro 130 in UK 7 and like the fit. While the UK 7's were still slightly bigger than I expected and I'm affraid them will pack out later. I also tried UK 6 top fuels and thought them workable but really tight. I don't mind to do some works with bootfitter but I saw a pair Dobermann Pro 100 over net at very low price. I also think the little soft boots would be better to me. Is it safe to order a pair UK 6 Dobermann Pro 100 and expect same fit as Hot Rods? And, is Dobermann Pro 100 woman specific? Which mean lower cuff and slight short/narrow? I'm tall and slim, 5'11", 150lb. Thanks for any idea.
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The Dobermann 100 has the World Cup fit, with a 95 mm forefoot, vs. the 98 mm in the Dobermann 130. It is a considerably narrower boot and will require a considerable amount of grinding if sized properly.

In terms of the liners, all the Dobermanns have a pretty thin liner so you shouldn't expect as much packing out as in other boots. I can't comment on the Hot Rod.

The 100 is not a woman-specific boot. It has the exact same fit as the 150 but in a softer flex.

For your reference, the 100's flex compares to that of the 110, both marked as Super-Soft, and the 150 compares to the 130, both marked as Soft. The differences are in the fit, the 100 and 150 having the World Cup last at 95 mm, and the 110 and 130 having the Pro last at 98 mm.

In terms of sizing, I would take a Pro or a World Cup in the same size, but expect to do MUCH more work on the World Cup.

I hope this clarifies things.
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Originally Posted by D(C) View Post
The Dobermann 100 has the worldcup fit, with a 95 mm forefoot, vs. the 98 mm in the Dobermann 130. It is a considerably narrower boot and will require a considerable amount of grinding if sized properly.
There is a Dobermann Pro 100 in addition to the WC. This is the boot being referred to.
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Thanks, D(C), this is Dobermann Pro 100, not WC 100, as I heard it should have same last as Pro 130, I'm just not sure if there's any subtle differnece, especially the cuff.
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I can find Dobermann Pro 100 on Nordica-Japan website.


The picture is same as Dobie Pro 130, and the info says: "
'From professional 130' adopting the fog and soft flex. Optimum to power less skier " (by google translation, I don't speak japanese). While some other sources say its for womon and junior, and have different pics. I can't have a clear point b/c most info are not in english and I don't know which year's model they're talking about.
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The Pro 100 is, in most cases, marketed as a junior race boot. It has the 98mm last and a fairly dense liner- I'm not sure that its exactly the same liner as in the 130 though. Even though its a "jr" boot, most manufacturers make the top end jr boot up to a size 28 or 29.
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I don't mind it's marketed to junior if the boot is same. The dense liner doesn't look good. What about cuff? Too low to 5'11?
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Hmm, I had no idea there existed a Pro 100. I've only seen a Pro 110...

Upon looking at the Japanese website, it appears that the Pro 100 replaces the Pro 110 in that country, probably a softened version more suited to the average build there. It looks like the Pro 110 is not available there, and I would be very surprized if the Pro 100 were available here, unless you've managed to find some Japanese stock.

I would make sure you know what you're getting because, if it is in fact the WC 100, you're in for some grinding.
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The Pro 100s that I have experience with are 04 and 05 models, it is very possible that they were not available in the US for the 06 season. Then again, Nordica has several boots that are not technically in their current lineups that are still in production.
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I did some more research on the net. The results are interesting. Seems the Pro 100 is another version or name of Pro 110 on different markets. I also found it on Russian Nordica site, they definitely don't have a similiar average build like japanese.


They don't have Pro 110 too.

And the Korea site list it as Pro 100 while the description says flex 110.


So, I'm pretty sure now, if it indeed is a 07' Pro 100, it will be same as 110, one stud on the back, otherwise same as Pro 130. Not the low cuff boot like Team 80/70.

Actually I saw this boot on ebay, I have noticed this guy's list quite a while, and I don't know where he got the boots. This boot has been relist a couple times and BIN from 288US to 178 now. His picture in the list is not a 07 model and he didn't reply my question. The price is really attractive, otherwise I'd have skipped it.

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Takecontrol, you're right. The last year (05~06) Pro 100 was still a low cuff, more jr/w style boot, with precision fit liner . The 07 Pro 100 should be same as Pro 130, .


Thanks for your guys comments.
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Got answer from the seller. I was wrong. They have low cuffs.

We never got a previous question. These are the 07's. they have the Performance fit liner, but ALL the 100's have the low cuff, both the 06's and 07's. This is not noted in the catalogues but that is the case.
I prefer a normal cuff at my height. But that's a sweet deal to some smaller or female skiers.
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