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Advanced or Intermediate

SNpete. Without getting into the word game of advanced or strong intermediate let me address something you mentioned. Skiing advanced groomed runs/steep groomed runs.

Try this for confidence and ability level movement. Start on an intermediate run. This is a tactics on how to ski more advanced terrain, expecially really fast advanced terrain, i.e., groomers.

Tell yourself you are going down the fall line and you are going to make 8 turns. The trick is to make all the turns the same speed. Your 2nd and 7th turn will be the same speed. There are different ways of doing this that mainly depend on you and the snow. Try it on a groomed slope and then move up as you progress to more advanced slopes. Eventually you will train yourself to make the same speed short or medium radius turns to control your speed. Once you confidently control your speed by making dyn amic turns you will overcome any hesitancy on the steep groomers.