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Video of wife & boy

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Lookin' good...how old?

The kid that is.
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That is a kid that's going to pass you by, before you know it!
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That may be the first time I have heard a guy tell his wife

"little shorter radius sweetie"
"shorten it up"

All pointing to why we usually overlay a sound track

Nice outing video and I agree with Trek that the kid will be doing zipper-line soon. Sugarloaf seems to be having a better year than we are in the West.
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Kid's 5.5. Still in the back seat. Skis pretty parallel on green terrain. Pizza's mostly on blue. This was his year to go from the beginning trails to skiing around the mountain. He'll be in a season-long development team next year.

He won't follow Daddy so at least I could get him to follow Mommy. I was hoping to get him to turn more. I can't help being an instructor and my wife has the good sense to tune out everything I say.

I have no idea how to lay over a soundtrack. I guess I'll have to buy a video edit program of some sort.
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Yep... way in the back seat... I saw one turn where he pulls the tip of the inside ski off of the ground near the end. If you can get him to put his hands forward, the amount he's in the back seat would improve dramatically. He's skiing with his hands WAYYYYY back.. forget elbows in front of belly button, he needs to get his shoulders in front of his belly button first. Stance may be a little wide also. I've noticed that with kids having a stance that is too wide makes parallel turns on steeper stuff a bit harder... a narrower stance and you might start to see the wedge disappear.

Overall though, awesome skiing for his age. Also, at about that point i'd start trying to get him to ski a bit more aggressively. A little mroe down the hill than across the hill.

Sorry for the (constructive) criticism... I love teaching kids. I bet he'd be a blast to have in a lesson.
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Originally Posted by hydrogen_wv View Post
Yep... way in the back seat...
Sorry for the (constructive) criticism... I love teaching kids. I bet he'd be a blast to have in a lesson.
Yeah, it's tough. I'm an L2 coach that teaches 95% kids and I have a tough time turning it off. My kid won't listen to a word I say and won't even let me ski in front of him; I do not even try to teach him.

My job-- "Your doing great kid; I'm so proud of you; let's go have some fun".

Coaches job-- "Hey kid, hop up and down a few times" (see now his skis are closer together and he's less in the back seat) "Hey kid, clap your hands when you ski" (see now his hands aren't waving around behind him).
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Awesome. My #1 boy just turned 4. Next year is the year...
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It's pretty normal for young kids to be in the back seat. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Should prolly introduce him to poles pretty soon.
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Sweet !

(and I love too how you keep talking ...)
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