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Keith Richards/what an idiot!

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Not quite "humor" but what the heck, this has to go somewhere!

Richards of the Rolling Stones admitted that he snorted his fathers ashes mixed with cocaine.

"The strangest thing I've tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father. ..... "He was cremated and I couldn't resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldn't have cared. ..... It went down pretty well and I'm still alive."


His father died in 2002.
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Media lag. That was in our paper today and I thought it was pretty close to April Fools .... but .... those guys have done some strange things.

If I was worth something like $400 million ..... I probably be a raving maniac.

Kindly hold comments like ..... there ain't scant difference between a $4 maniac and a $400 million nut case ... thank you.
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Well if you'd done as much blow as Richards ($400 Mil worth ) in your life time, you might be a stark raving maniac too!
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I pondered how he actually did that, but I was off my guard (April 4th!) when I saw this in print. Didn't really make any sense but I bought it and went on to the next article. I think the papers fell for it too. I don't see them printing April fool's jokes on April 4th very often.
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Keith also has said that his two greatest accomplishments were done while addicted to heroin...

Writing 'Exile on Main Street' (the greatest rock album ever)
...and learning to SKI.
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Keith after snorting his dad's ashes.
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he's only got 5 strings on his tele, drop tunes it and I'll be darned if I can cop any of his chops....

pretty good guitar player if ya ask me....

dunno about the dad snorting tho
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The news "talking head" just said that this was not an April Fools joke but was a comment taken out of context and will be ....

ta da .....

"Explained on the Updates at Eleven" .....
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Not quite "humor" but what the heck, this has to go somewhere!

I'd classify it as humor - Kieth Richards is a really funny guy. Especially on April Fool's.

Perhaps it should read "Yuki/What an idiot"?
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Nice to see (sunshine), aka, Jer is back in action after a two day lapse. Usually, that is the period for "non-voluntary" observation and I suspect that the effects of the Drain-O have worn off and due to lack of space on "The Ward", he was released.

I am starting to wonder if KR and Jer share a similiar malady since they gain attention by .... per Jer's posts, "pooping behind trees" and "peeeing in the sand box".

Such anti-social behavior (real or imagined), and his need for attention via his "expressive" patterns show a clear possibility that he felt neglect and rejection as a child.

Good luck in recovery sunshine!
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Keith is a candyass. Snorting his dad, big deal. Try snorting prescription meds.........WHOLE. Now that takes cojones.
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when I was a cub scout, at the pinewood derby, my friend and I snorted pixie sticks off the mall bench. Honestly took down about half a cup of sugar through the nose... no problem at all. It was fun. The mall security guard egged us on; "Do another one." That's my favorite part... that fat ass security guard laughing hysterically at us and daring us to keep going.

I'm sure a bit of ashes and coke (something that is designed to be snorted) would go down quite easily. Probably not as sweet though and probably wouldn't be encouraged by your local security guard.
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Nice to see (sunshine), aka, Jer is back

Good luck in recovery sunshine!
Yuki - just curious - is this "sunshine" stuff supposed to get to me or something? Or is it just your latent homosexuality shining through?
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