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Alpine Meadows Sold To Homewood Owner

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Some breaking news from Lake Tahoe. Here's the story from our Scoop story finder:

Alpine Meadows owner agrees to sell to Homewood’s owners
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Interesting? Not long ago there was a rumor that Homewood was going to close after this season. It appeared that the on mnt lodge construction project had stalled. Wonder if this confirms the closing, since the new owners of Alpine will still have the option of running a ski resort (Alpine)?
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Latest update from the Bonanza:
Originally Posted by North Lake Tahoe Bonanza
Alpine Meadows sale to close soon

David Bunker
Bonanza News Service
June 15, 2007

The pending sale of Alpine Meadows ski resort to Homewood Mountain Resort owner JMA Ventures will be finalized this July, according to JMA Ventures President Art Chapman.

Alpine Meadows owner Powdr Corp. struck a tentative agreement with JMA Ventures in April to sell the ski resort. Between April and June, JMA Ventures reviewed the resort's records and agreed to finalize the purchase, according to Chapman.

Chapman said his plan for the resort is to "to bring it back as a destination for locals."

Boosting customer service, adding entertainment and upgrading the property are all part of that plan, he said.

"We hope to make some changes," said Chapman. "We don't have time for a major re-work (before the 2007-08 winter season)."

Chapman said he was meeting with Alpine Meadows employees on Wednesday.

As for the ticket prices and season pass prices for next season, Chapman said that has not been determined. The resort will consider offering a single pass that would give skiers and snowboarders access to both Homewood and Alpine Meadows, said Chapman.
Not a huge amount of information -- I'm not sure what "a destination for locals" means. But a joint pass with Homewood would be nice for storm days.

Whoever gets the word from next Wednesday's meeting, please post.
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Well, the pricing's out.

On the plus side, "early bird" pricing runs through November.

On the minus, full passes are up 10%, non-holiday tickets more than 25%. The $1200 joint Alpine/Homewood pass is nearly as expensive as an early-bird Squaw pass.

Highway Star et al had managed to convince me that POWDR sucked so bad that Alpine would have to improve in their absence. So much for that idea.

It will be interesting to see whether they regroup and rethink, or stay the course.
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The price sucks

Who the heck is going to pay 1200 for the unristricted season pass, I'd rather go to Squaw than Alpine+ Homewood...
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The simple answer is, no one. They should've made it a $100 or $150 premium this year to prime the pump, then increased the premium over time.

The $850 pass is priced between Sugarbowl & Kirkwood and Squaw, which seems more reasonable. For us, assuming that there's not a massive price bump on the kids teams, Alpine is still more reasonably priced than the alternatives. Last year, we paid just under $3000 to have our three kids on Alpine's teams. This year, the same three kids at Sugar Bowl would run nearly $6500, while Squaw would run almost $5500 (although it would've been $900 less before July 15). Even Kirkwood would run $3900. So assuming that the kids' teams cost goes up somewhere in the 10% or lower range, it'll still be more reasonable than the North Lake alternatives, and Kirkwood seems impractical for a ski lease, so total cost would still be higher.
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