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Removing Writing on Demo Skis

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A couple of years ago I bought a pair of used skis that the owner had marked "right" and "left" with a Sharpie. Rubbing alcohol removed the writing pretty quickly.
I just bought a pair of demo skis (Stocklis) and the length is written, probably with a Sharpie, on the tips. The skis look great otherwise, but I am having trouble removing the writing. Unlike the previous skis which had a smooth topsheet, the Stocklis are textured.
I have tried alcohol a few times, but the writing is still quite visible.
(Please note that what I am referring to is that I have applied alcohol to a paper towel and tried to use that to remove the ink. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be working that well. I am quite aware that were I to drink a sufficient amount of alcohol, the writing would not be visible to me, but I am thinking long term here.Thanks! )
Any suggestions on how to clean up these skis?
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I've found acetone good at removing sharpie on golf balls. Test a small section first, it will dissolve a lot of plastics.
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Try ski base cleaner or WD-40 (on the skis, not to drink). If neither of those work, then you're probably stuck. Acetone might work, but it has some dangerous side effects on a lot of materials and would be risky. I'd probably just live with the lettering.
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Try a product called "Goo-Gone" it disolves glue and other stuff but is pretty safe to use. I have used it on ski's before for the same type thing. It didn't damage the tops sheets but......
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Acetone is often quite good at removing many things but, as said above, is also good at dissolving some plastics. Test it out.

Safer alternatives are lighter fluid, BBQ fluid, WD40, citrus solvent and other base cleaners.
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Goo-Gone. Acetone fries your liver/brain and other assorted organs. And will take off more than the writing if you rub too hard.
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Goo-Gone worked

Spent about 5-10 minutes on each area with Goo-Gone and a toothbrush.
Took everything off. On the flat areas, I let it soak a little before using the brush, but everything is gone.
The tops and bottoms are in great shape, so no one would ever think that they were demo skis.
Well, the Marker Speedpoint bindings might be a hint.
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Goof Off

Goof Off. Any good hardware store, home depot/ lowes. Quick & painless. I bought a pair of dynastar demos, black writing. I tried everything I could think of & nothing really worked. Then I remembered I had a can of Goof Off in the garage. One rub & was gone.
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