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Boot Lifter to Accomodate Short Leg

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One of my femurs is about a half inch shorter than the other. I was wondering if it would make sense to put a 10mm lifter on the short leg boot. Any thoughts?
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if you ski a lot sure, but boot planing ain't cheap usually.

might just be cheaper to add a 10mm binding lift to that side (if you don't have an integrated binding system)

salomon 10mm lifters are $20ish, and as you only need 1 per ski that is good for 2 pairs.

any lift will balance your hips, but the knees will still be off by 1/2 inch.
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You would just need to plane 10mm off the toe and heel. I have a friend with a 2000 sq. ft. woodworking shop. I think I could do it myself. Am I missing something?

Is it more important to have your hips or knees balanced?
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Check this out... http://gmolfoot.com/gmolbsm.htm

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Thanks, that was exactly what I was thinking.
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I know one guy who kept his Spademans just to have a 2" block of wood in there.

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This worries me a little.Wouldn't the hip and spine be better the handle the differance than than the knees and ankles? Or is the fluidity of motion in all the joints combined make this a non issue?
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Garry it's the alignment of your center of mass equally over the two skis. Evening the height goes a long way toward evening that out.

I added some lift under one boot with positive results...much more relaxed and efficient skiing and I don't get "torqued" off center in pow as much.

Go halfway first (5mm) and see how you like it. Your body has probably compensated for the difference to a degree so if you even up the length it could be too much. Another reason to go halfway is I've found the lifted boot causes a bit of unwanted (or more precisely uneven) hookyness in that ski.

I've also realized my body is twisted a bit from the leg length difference. My left hip is way open, my right is a tad closed. This makes left turns hyper-easy to engage while it's tough to get up and over my left ski to engage a right turn. What helped even more than the lift was tweaking my salomon bindings (with dual toe wing adjusters) to the side a bit so my left foot sits a bit duckfooted and my right sits a bit pigeon toed. This evens everything out.
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You could also drop yourself down in one boot and lift the other INTERNALLY. I have done this several times for patients with hip replacements/revisions.
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I agree with X-eastcoaster. When correcting for a leg length differential, use half of the difference as a starting point when possible. Have your customer/client/patient ski and see if he/she is compliant with the change. If he/she is, go from there with possibly more lift.
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