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Aegix Blowout - $100/pants $150/jackets

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Hi guys - You don't know me, but I'm a regular poster in lots of other forums, like Mammoth Mountain and TGR (no comments, please). I wanted to let you in on a big blowout sale of our overstock.

If you don't know Aegix, you should. It's a new line (new for 06/07) that has integrated body armor - the armor itself is our own formulation (of Poron), that takes on 90% of the impact. It's not bulky, not hard or plasticky, but more like a thin layer of tempurpedic-like foam. The gear itself is great looking, and we have a bunch of A1's to sell at our cost, to make room for our 07/08 line (which has lots more styles, colors, and includes a women's and childrens line or two). Go here to see more: http://www.aegixgear.com

If you want to get just pants, that's great. Or, a full suit (which retails for close to $700). We're doing the same colors in this style next year (but have made some tweaks to the hood and pant leg), so no one will know you're in last year's gear.

Email lesley at aegixgear dot com for more info --

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Hey YC,

I was looking at your website because I saw your note on TGR but no links to what it was. Is this prescription gear / therapeutic for people with existing injuries or is it preventative for everyone? I have no serious skiing related injuries thankfully why do I need this compared to any run of the mill gear?
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Are the wings on sale by themselves?
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Wings will be available next year, and you'll be able to get them on amazon.com, or your local ski shop carrying Aegix, for about $25 each.

Tromano, it's preventative gear. The armor/padding prevents breaks, ruptured organs, and general bruising. The padding literally takes on the impact. And, it's lightweight. Run of the mill gear doesn't protect your body in any way - run of the mill armor, or armor that's available to purchase in stores now, separately, take on 40% of the impact, according to our 2 year study (conducted by Rogers Corporation). Our padding, made of Poron (used by the aerospace and automotive industry), takes on 90% of the impact - this way, you aren't hurt.

All pads are removable, the knees/shin and elbow/forearm are adjustable - there are 5 slots, depending on how you ride/ski.
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I should mention that this deal is only available by emailing me directly...sorry, thought I had that in there!
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This stuff looks great. I wish I looked like this : Thanks for bringing the offer.

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Anyone who will be in Mammoth this weekend and wants to try on gear - or just see what ski/snowboard outerwear with integrated body armor is all about, stop by the Stump/Mill Parking Lot on Saturday...

Nice pic Cirque, where'd you find that? Is that Tyrone?
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Yes...That's Ron alright. Don't tell any Maggots...He's on a pair of "skinny" ski's (Rossi Z9's, I think).
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Yes that is me from a demo day at Sugar Bowl this past January with Cirquerider, jed peters, and SierraJim. Jim brought up an arsenal of sticks for us to try and demo for the day.....hated those Z9's BTW. Loved a bunch of the Nordica's.

$150 for the Aegix A1 jacket is a steal BTW. I've been trashing their stuff all winter and for $150 you're basically getting 2 bomber jackets:

1) A superwarm / protective jacket with the trademark padding/armor zipped in and then

2) If it's a warmer spring day, just zip out the padding and you have a lightweight breathable / waterpoof shell for warmer days. Takes all of 5 seconds to remove the padding and about 10 seconds to zip it back in.
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Still have all colors and sizes --

No returns, but will exchange for size issues.
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Sold out !
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