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World Championships TV coverage?

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Anyone know where and when the World's will be on TV? I am on the West Coast.
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NBC at the FIS Alpine World Championships

Air Date Time (EST) Featured event, highlights
2/8 4-6 p.m. Men's downhill, men's super G
2/9 1-3 p.m. Women's downhill, women's super G
2/15 4-6 p.m. Women's slalom, men's giant slalom, women's giant slalom
2/16 1-3 p.m. Men's slalom, women's combined
Note: Subjects and highlights may vary. (No doubt)

I guess some coverage is better than none.
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Don't forget tomorrow ESPN2-that's 2- will be showing the 2003 KITZBUHEL - MEN'S DOWNHILL from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST.
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The latest schedule I saw had Sun 9th and 16th at times 1:30pm to 3:30pm EST rather than 1:00pm to 3:00pm so check you local listings.
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Mein Gott! That ESPN2 Kitzbuehl show was the worst race coverage I never saw.
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I agree! I think they showed half the run of a total of four skiers in the downhill. To bill it as showing the race was totally in error. It was a story on three great ski racers and some good ski history lessons. I just don't get it.
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For those of us in Canada, IMHO, CBC usually does a good job with ski racing coverage. I believe they're showing the Men's DH on Saturday... Could be exciting considering Eric Guay won today's training run! (yeah, I know conditions sucked today... but still!)
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Without question, the Canadian downhill coverage will far surpass NBC's if you want to see racers. After todays result's I think it is going to be a lot of "up close and personal's" and other human interest stories. Thankfully I can get CBC as they have preserved my sanity in so many sporting events.
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Any opinions out there about the coverage of the men's downhill today on CBC or otherwise? I thought it was great, personally... And kudos to the Swiss television networks on some great camera views! How about the start to that course? It's like a short speed skiing run. Women tomorrow! Glad to see lots of North American hopefuls again - be they American or Canadian!
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I have now watched both the CBC and NBC coverages and I am pleasantly surprised with the coverage. In my opinion CBC's was better, but NBC showed great improvement from earlier coverages. They still skip too many racers in my opinion and should show all North Americans. CBC's commentary is much better, the American commentators talk way too much.
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