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Elistan - I'm no tech weenie and know generally nothing about in-bound skis, so I can't be helpful with your "pick a ski" quandary.

However - when I was a newbie somebody gave me some great advice that I'll pass along to you, and hopefully you'll find it of value. Spend your money on good boots fit by somebody who really knows what he's doing. Buy boots a little better than what you ski now so that you don't outgrow them too quickly. Buy demo skis to save money, with the idea that you'll probably be upgrading every year or two. That'll ensure you eventually end up with a pair of rock skis, too, which you'll want down the road.

The next time you're heading to a resort area, ask here for recommendations for good bootfitters nearby. Plan on spending some time and money on this because these guys don't work for free and bootfitting is a time-investment project. Man, though, what a difference it'll make in your performance and enjoyment.

Back to your regularly scheduled ski discussion...
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I think I'm doing well on boots - I have a pair of Salomon Performa 8 boots, which I understand is towards the high end of their comfort/recreation line. There's one pressure point on my right foot that needs looking after, but otherwise I haven't had any issues.

Thanks for all the discussions, everybody - it's giving me a better idea of how various skis will behave. I plan on trying out various models, to really get an idea of what I enjoy the best.
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