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Need help with all-mountain skis

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Hey folks,

New here, but would like a little advice on an all-around ski. I have done a little research and also searched the forums, but my questions haven't totally been answered. I am 6' tall, 220 lbs, and I guess what you would call a fairly aggressive advanced/expert skier. I ski mostly the Alberta and eastern BC hills. I am looking for a ski to replace my old K2 Stuntmans - something that will be fun to carve on the soft-packed, hard-packed and tracked-up snow that I encounter 75% of the time, but also won't totally bog down on the big powder days. The skis that would seem to fit the bill are the Stockli Stormrider XL (or XXL next season if available), but I am wondering if somthing wider like a Volkl Mantra would work as well on the groomers etc that I often ski with my wife. I am also open to suggestions, any help would be much appreciated.

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The Mantra would be a great choice for most of the skiing that you describe. It won't cruise alongside your wife, though, as it needs to some speed to work well on the groomed. If she's a carving fanatic who likes to go fast, though, it'll perform reasonably well. I'd also look at the Dynastar Mythic Rider, Head IM88, and Elan 888. They're all off-piste oriented skis that'll do well on the groomed.
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Try the Rotor in 179cm. It is a more capable all rounder than the XL. It is very good to excellent at everything and all conditions and if you are spending most of your time on harder surfaces just get a 1/88 edge for a little more grip. I have done about 50-60 days on mine now and they are the ski of choice if I think conditions are mixed or possibly going to change.

I am also a larger skier (6'2" and 195 lbs) and you will get more life and longevity out of the Stockli than you will out of the Mantra (all the Volkl lovers who are now screaming; calm down - I like Volkl skis a lot, I like the way they ski and in another world I would happily own All Stars, AC4s and Gotamas - but I live in a world where Stockli make sandwich construction skis in small, high quality batches in Switzerland). The Rotor and the XL both have two layers of titanal and an extra bit in the centre. The wood core of the XL makes it a pretty stiff and durable ski.

The Rotor is also a better ski than the IM88 (which is excellent). Get to Calgary and see Lou (Lou's Performace Skiing) and demo before you buy.
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Andrew - I noticed in another post you may be looking to get rid of your Rotors next season... I would be willing to take them off your hands if the price is right. Send me a PM and let me know if you would be interested.

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