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Phoolish Video (BumPhest)

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I cut together some of the footage I shot at the Gapril Phools BumPhest this past Sunday. Check it out.



Kevin F
PARidge Racer
Paul Jones
Trek Chick
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Wow, I had no idea you had so much vid from Sunday. Nicely done Crank, except there should have been more of you. I screwed up when the camera was handed to me. The eye peice caused me to point the lens towards the sky when Crank was skiing.:

We are going to have to go back for more
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Nice job! Thanks for posting it!
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Great job! Good music with it too!
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I love it! Crank, how did you get all that footage. I hadn't realized you got so much. Like Paul said, we should have taped you more. Sorry.
The music was perfect for the action. Thanks for the memorial of my profound style
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I got a lot of video of Paul and Kevin. Sorry PA, that viewfinder is hard to use and I kept losing you.

Music is by Yello, somewhat retro and it matches Phil's outfit.
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It's a good thing we got together when we did. The season appears to be slipping away. I had a real good time skiing with new faces. These meetings on the hill are a lot of fun.

There's a foot of powder on the way, so I feel this moral obligation to head north one more time. We'll see, but Gapirl Phools will remain the grand finale to my season.

There's one more possibility: Tuckerman's (yes with an "s" - we add "s"s to names where I'm from). If anyone knows of a cheap Sherpa willing to shellep for money, send em my way Just the equipment, not me:
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Hey Crank...Did you say you worked as an editor? Great job man.
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