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Aspen / Snowmass discounts?

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This is probably a long shot, but does anyone know of any discounts available for Aspen / Snowmass? I'll be there April 7th-10th. Do any of the front range stores sell tickets?

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To the best of my knowledge there are no discounts at any of the front range grocery stores or ski shops. Others might know differently.
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Sometimes you can get bulk tickets from a wholesaler that has a large group trip in town. The Aspen airport closes for resurfacing on 4/9 and I heard that the ski co drastically reduced prices to draw some groups in for the last week. You might also check with your hotel, maybe they can get some?

The skiing was good last week and they decided to keep Highlands open until 4/8. Bell chair is also open until 5PM if the weather is good.
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The Front Range stores have not offered discount tickets in grocery stores locally for several/many years. They only sell the picture Classic Pass now and that is usually at the beginning or before the season starts. Your best bet is to find a Roaring Fork local with a picture pass who can buy discounted tickets for you. Or perhaps offer to buy an employee a nice dinner in exchange for one of their comp's?
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aspen discount - dont count on it :)

i have looked for discount aspen tix as well with little luck

where i am staying (mountain chalet, snowmass) i can
get them for $51 BUT had to order 2+ weeks out.

for future reference, i think the best prices are available IF
you book lodging at www.stayaspensnowmass.com

i think PSIA tix are $49.


ps - are you going for the PSIA-c rally?
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Thanks to all for the info...

Brad - yes I am going for the PSIA-C rally and will be staying at the Mountain Chalet. I'm arriving Friday evening - how about you?

Look forward to seeing you out there,

Gary Parrish (home area - Perfect North Slopes).
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spring rally

hi gary,
i should arrive around 7 pm +/- on Saturday evening.

Are you interested in skiing the higlands on Sunday?
(they extended the closing date to be Sunday, april 8th)

if you are, please leave a note for at the desk for brad evans


ps - i teach at www.skialpinevalley.com
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Walk into the rental shop and ask the techs what they'd be willing to trade for some of their comps. Most employees with comps left in April don't mind trading them for something. Generally employees get in trouble if they trade comps for cash, but who knows.. maybe at Aspen they don't care so much.

You could probably arrange this before you even go there. Just call the toll free number and speak with the guest services agent.

Things I've gotten in the past for my comps: new helmet, roundtrip voucher for Southwest Airlines, jacket, etc.
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