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A-Basin, Winter Park or Loveland...help me choose day one!

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Hey guys. Will be in CO for five nights arriving this Friday afternoon. Staying the first night in Golden to acclimate but will then be in Breck for the next four nights. Looking to pick a mountain for the first day (Sat) on the way to Breck. I will be skiing with my nine year old daughter who is a very good skier but it will probably be mostly blue/black groomers for us. We do like trees though....

I was originally going to hit WP since we are Intrawest season pass holders and would get 50% off each lift ticket. I do have an A-Basin coupon and I know Loveland is not too expensive a ticket. Never skied any of the three. I think Loveland is most convenient but don't mind the extra driving to A-Basin or WP. The other four days would probably be Breck, Vail, BC and Copper.

So bottom line knowing what we are looking for which would you recommend? Its our first day on the slopes and I would like to give my daughter the "wow" factor!

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The Snow will be Real fine at both Loveland & A-basin. Loveland would be a better mix for your daughter.
If you do Loveland, sometimes the wind can be Brisk, so make sure you pack some light face masks.
Hit chair #8 & enjoy!!!!
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If the Timberline chair is open at Winter Park there will be some pretty darn good tree skiing down the (skier's) right side on the way to the Sunnyside chair and also off the new Eagle Wind chair.

The drive to WP is much more of a wow factor than the drive to the other two..... unless you take the Loveland Pass to ABasin... that's fairly wow too.

Have fun,
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OK so we're WP 1, LL 1. Any other recommendations? Again would love to hit all three but alas, only time for one..........
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Well, I'd hardly call WP "on the way" to Breckenridge... but even so, I'd go to Loveland in a heartbeat. The snow there is outstanding right now, and the scenery is tough to beat.

I was there on Friday and skied in 8-10" of great powder on the Ridge all morning. One of the best days of the year for sure.
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This is a tough call. I'll actually be at WP on Saturday and at Loveland on Sunday. The drive to WP over Berthoud Pass is a real wow.....lots of high snow covered peaks surround you. Makes you feel like you are really in Colorado. Nice winding mountain pass road with lots of snow and you'll see some backcountry skiers too. Stop at the top of the pass and get your picture taken next to the pass sign. (I have a picture of my father at the top of BP from 1958). At WP on Sunday there was still plenty of untracked powder in the trees up Timberline on skiers right.

You will be driving under Loveland unless you decide to go over Loveland Pass. Loveland has awesome terrian too. If it's not windy and Chair 9 is open, it is fantastic above treeline skiing. You can see Breckenridge and Keystone from the top. I will be up on the Ridge on Sunday if it isn't frozen coral reef. Good open bowl skiing. If it's frozen coral reef I will probably be in the Rat Cellar hoisting a few and exchanging sea stories with former co-workers.
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Any of the 3 should be fine, but I would vote for Loveland followed by Abasin just for convenience. I was at Abasin on Monday and the snow was fantastic. Loveland should be similar and it offers a little more variety. Have fun wherever you go.
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